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Pros and cons : Driveway indicator PIR iConnect White SMART

  • User-friendly operation via the smartphone App.
  • Grade 2 certified components. Made in the EU.
  • Wireless through a unique secure two-way connection.
  • Very accurate operation due to the adjustable curtain sensor.
  • Easy to install yourself.
  • No remote control or keypad is supplied as standard.

Description: Driveway indicator PIR iConnect White SMART

This PIR iConnect SMART driveway indicator, color white, is an IP54 motion detector with receiver which is connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable or SIM card. When the driveway indicator detects movement, you will receive a Push notification on your smartphone.

How does the Driveway Indicator PIR iConnect SMART work:
The Hub is the base station of the system. This can be connected to your router with the supplied Ethernet cable or provided with a SIM card to connect to the internet. You then install an app on your smartphone. Via this App you configure the driveway indicator and set the way you want the system to work. The motion detector works on battery and sends a wireless signal to the hub. You then place the motion detector outside in the place that you want to protect. If you also want to hear an acoustic signal, you can expand the system with an indoor siren that has a bell function.

Very accurate motion detection:
The motion detector has a very small detection angle of 6 degrees, so that the detector can detect very specific movements. The sensor therefore sets out a line, as it were, which gives a message if it is interrupted.

Expanding the Driveway Indicator PIR iConnect SMART:
The alarm system has many expansion options. This is because up to 100 detectors and up to 10 surveillance cameras can be connected to the Hub base station. See the recommended extensions below for accessories or contact us for a suitable proposal.

Wireless but safe:
Where with other wireless alarm systems there is a risk of jamming or disturbing the signal, the alarm system has a special function for this. The communication between the Hub and the detectors is 2-way. this means that every 12-300 seconds (self-configurable) a check takes place to see if the detectors still respond. If it is no longer possible to connect to this, the system will issue an alarm.

Features PIR iConnect SMART:
- Wireless battery operation
- CR123A battery pre-installed
- Battery operation up to 3 years
- Sensitivity adjustable
- Up to 10 meters of motion detection
- Exclude pets up to 15 kilos and 40 cm in height
- Detection angle 6 horizontal and 90 degrees vertical
- Water resistant housing IP54
- Works both during the day and at night
- 0.15 second response time
- Up to 1700 meters range to base station in open space
- 868.0 - 868.6 Mhz wireless frequency
- AES encryption wireless connection
- Can be used from -25 to 60 degrees
- Notification in case of sabotage and jamming / disturbing
Grade 2 certified
- 134 x 44 x 36 mm

Features Hub base station:
- Hub with ethernet and SIM card connection
- Android and iOS smartphone App
- No subscription costs
- Connect up to 100 sensors
- Up to 50 users can be set
- Up to 50 rooms can be set
- Up to 9 groups can be set
- Alarm signal within 0.15 seconds
- SMS message *, Call * or Push notification in case of alarm. * When inserting a SIM card
- ARM processor
- 110 - 240 volt power supply via adapter
- Hub Backup battery up to 15 hours
- AES encryption between host and sensors
- Up to 200 meters range between sensors in open space
- 868.0 - 868.6 Mhz frequency sensors
- Protection against tamper and jamming / disturbing signal
- Connect up to 10 cameras

Package contents:
1 x Hub base station - White (Ajax Systems brand)
1 x PIR motion detector - White (Ajax Systems brand)
1 x Accessories
1 x Instruction Manual

Specifications: Driveway indicator PIR iConnect White SMART

Conformity: CE
Detector: Movement
Alarm type: Driveway alert
Sirene: External optional
Alarm notification: Push notification, Call, SMS message
Smartphone APP: Android, iOS
Battery: Yes
SKU: 9225

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8.6 / 10
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Driveway indicator PIR iConnect White SMART

Driveway indicator PIR iConnect White SMART

8.6 / 10
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