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2 Items

  1. Glasses security camera PRO
    Glasses security camera PRO
    • Camera lens is invisible
    • 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 30 fps
    • 90 minutes of filming on battery
    • High quality from Taiwan
    SKU: 7745
    Out of stock
  2. Glasses camera set ELITE
    Glasses camera set ELITE
    • Glasses camera with smartphone
    • Recording images on smartphone
    • Watch remotely via PC or APP
    • Very stable connection
    SKU: 7870
    Warehouse stock
    Can also be picked up in 2 stores
    Can also be picked up in 2 stores
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Glasses cameras are mini cameras built into normal looking glasses. The advantage of glasses with cameras is that the spycam films exactly what you are looking at. However, you should make sure that you look a second longer than normal with glasses with a camera because they must be able to focus. Most glasses cameras have a built-in memory or removable memory card, but there are also glasses cameras that send the images to a smartphone so that you can immediately watch live via the internet. These models are often a lot more expensive and more intended for professional use.

When to choose glasses with a camera?

If you want to film a certain room or a conversation you are having, glasses with a camera are a good choice. This is mainly because the viewing angle is directly determined by the direction in which you yourself are looking. Because of this feature, glasses with a camera in addition to a button camera are often used by mystery shoppers. The operation is also simple, so that glasses with a camera can be used quickly.

What are the disadvantages of spycam glasses?

The advantage that with glasses with a camera you film exactly what you see yourself can also be a disadvantage. Sometimes you just want to film in a different direction than where you are looking yourself. This is not possible with glasses with a camera. Furthermore, in some situations it can be strange that you wear glasses, especially with people who have not seen you wearing glasses before.

Which glasses spy camera models are there?

Most goggles with cameras have a somewhat thicker black plastic frame to hide the parts of the camera. The corded models where the recording does not take place on the glasses themselves have a considerably slimmer design. There are also sunglasses variants, but these are intended for filming sports activities and with these models the lens is often visible at the front of the glasses.

Playback of recorded recordings

Viewing the video images made with the glasses surveillance cameras is very easy by connecting the glasses or the memory card to the computer, where the files can be viewed with any standard media player. In the models where remote viewing is possible, this option often still exists next to it.

Watch live on an App on your smartphone

Certain models of security cameras have a USB cable connection to a smartphone. Besides the fact that the images and recordings can be viewed directly on this smartphone, it is also possible to view the live images via the internet on another smartphone or computer. It is therefore possible that you wear the glasses with camera in a shopping street and someone else watches from home. By using an unobtrusive communication earpiece in combination, an unobtrusive direct two-way connection can be set up.

Buy glasses with a camera online or in the store?

While there are a variety of camera goggles available online, our experience has shown that most do not work in the way you would expect from a wearable camera. We therefore carry a limited range of glasses with cameras, the operation of which we have extensively tested and with which you are assured of a high-quality product. Before you buy spycam glasses, it is possible to visit one of our stores to view and try the models in real life.

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