Pen voice recorders

Pen voice recorder EASY
  • Spy recorder in pen design
  • All continuous recording
  • Record up to 10 hours on battery
  • Refills with ink
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Ook af te halen in 2 winkels
Pen voice recorder PLUS
  • Spy recorder in pen design
  • Sound detection recording
  • Up to 12 hours of recording on battery
  • Thin version of 11.4 mm
€ 249,95
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Ook af te halen in 2 winkels
Ook af te halen in 2 winkels

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Pen voice recorders are recording devices built in or with the appearance of a pen. Because these sound recorders have an inconspicuous appearance, they are very suitable for recording conversations and meetings.

When to choose a pen voice recorder?

A pen recorder is a suitable model for making sound recordings in meetings, lectures, but also in negotiations. The unobtrusive design allows you to place the pen voice recorder in plain sight and even write with it. Because the voice recorder does not have to be hidden, the sound quality of the recording is good and it is not muted.

How does a pen recorder work?

The spy pen contains a voice recorder module with internal memory and the pen itself has a small hole where the microphone is located. You can switch on the sound recording via a slider and the files will be placed on the internal memory. Depending on the model, these files will be continuous recording or recording on sound detection. The memory of the pen voice recorder can then be listened to via a PC and the files can also be transferred and the memory emptied again.

What are the pros and cons?

The advantages of a pen recorder as a sound recording device are the unobtrusive design and thus the applicability. The voice recorder can be used as a normal utensil in sight. A possible disadvantage of this recorder model may be that it is strange to have or use a pen at the place where you want to make the sound recordings. Then it can possibly be put in a vest pocket or jacket pocket, but it is soon better to choose a different model.

Buying a pen voice recorder online or in the store?

Before you buy a pen voice recorder online, it is a good idea to check whether the recording device model is the most suitable for the situation where you want to use the system. If you have any questions about this, you can always call us or visit one of our stores.