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Voice Recorders

Voice recorders are suitable for business and daily use. You record conversations, make memos or use the voice recorder during an interview or meeting. Never miss important details and listen to the recordings afterwards. If you want to record conversations unobtrusively, choose a hidden audio recorder from our range.

Excellent recording quality:
With a voice recorder, the recording quality plays an important role. When conversations are difficult to understand afterwards, it is difficult to retrieve details. That is why you will only find the best models in our range, which have excellent recording quality. In our collection of voice recorders you will find devices with sound detection and possibility of automatic recording. This way you can make sound recordings at the right time. Recording time is an important factor. Do you need a continuous recording time of 135 hours or are you going for more than 4000 hours of audio recordings? When you are on the road a lot, it is more practical to choose a voice recorder with a long recording time. This means that you do not have to transfer the sound clips to a computer in the meantime. Pay attention to the maximum battery life when purchasing. Most recorders can be in standby for 25 to 225 days, and can record up to 70 hours on the battery alone. Voice recorders with a small or thin design often have a slightly more limited battery life.

Hidden voice recorder
In some situations it is better not to take a visible recorder with you. In this case you choose an inconspicuous device. In our range you will find spy voice recorders that are incorporated into objects that you use every day, so that they stand out as little as possible. From a really working calculator to a recorder in a perfectly normal pen: nobody recognizes these objects as sound recording equipment.

Recording of calls via mobile or landline:
You may need to record telephone conversations, for example to serve as evidence later. We have different voice recorders especially for these situations. These are suitable for recording conversations via the landline or mobile telephone, regardless of whether this is a smartphone or other model. The microphone sensitivity varies from 1 to 15 meters. You will also find telephone recorders with software in our range. These are suitable for recording calls from landlines, IP telephones and other systems. These telephone recorders are linked to a computer, with which you can record both incoming and outgoing telephone calls at all times.

High-quality voice recorders:
The range of voice recorders is based on technological developments, user options and the quality of both sound recording and the battery. In addition to being online in our webshop, you can also view voice recorders in our stores in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Maaseik (BE). You receive a 2 year warranty on your voice recorder. You will receive the voice recorder at your sight for 14 days.

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  1. Audio Blackbox + external microphone
    Audio Blackbox + external microphone
    • External microphone of 1.5 Mtr.
    • Magnets for confirmation
    • Windows & Mac OS compatible
    • Made in the UK
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7827
  2. GSM transmitter + recorder (2 in 1)
    GSM transmitter + recorder (2 in 1)
    • Recording and instant listening
    • Sound detection recording
    • Callback function
    • Long standby time
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7831
  3. Audio Blackbox - Basic
    Audio Blackbox - Basic
    • 170 hours of admission (= 7 Days)
    • Sound detection recording.
    • Microphone sensitive up to 7 meters
    • With internal magnet
    Regular Price €199.95 Special Price €149.95
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7733
  4. Voice recorder - Extreme
    Voice recorder - Extreme
    • Extra long battery life
    • Compact size
    • 8 days continuous, 1 month VAS
    • 1 year standby on timer function
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7552
  5. Spy recorder rod
    Spy recorder rod
    • Square bar shape recorder
    • High quality sound recordings
    • Continue / Timer / Sound detection
    • 480 hours of battery life (= 20 days!)
    Regular Price €799.95 Special Price €699.95
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7453
  6. Memorecorder - Ultra Thin
    Memorecorder - Ultra Thin
    • Super flat, only 3.5 mm
    • 135 hours of continuous recording
    • 225 days on standby
    • 3M tape confirmation
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7301
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  8. Pen recorder - Pro
    Pen recorder - Pro
    • Thin design: 11.4 mm diameter
    • Sound detection mode
    • 12 hours of battery life
    • High quality from Korea
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7018
  9. Geluidsrecorder
    Sound recorder
    • User-friendly sound recorder
    • Also mobile phone recorder
    • 276 hours of memory
    • 30 hours of recording on 2 x AAA
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7180
  10. Voice recorder - DR7004
    Voice recorder - DR7004
    • Plug & play voice recorder
    • 8 GB for up to 1040 hours of recording
    • Recording (mobile) telephone calls
    • Up to 31 days standby
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7004
  11. Voice recorder - USB Stick
    Voice recorder - USB Stick
    • USB stick with voice recorder
    • Sound detection recording
    • Up to 25 days standby
    • High quality from Korea
    Regular Price €249.95 Special Price €199.95
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7074
  12. Voice recorder - mini
    Voice recorder - mini
    • Smallest voice recorder in the world.
    • Guiness book of records entry
    • Continue / Timer / Sound detection
    • Up to 70 hours of battery recording
    Regular Price €649.95 Special Price €599.95
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7061
  13. Pen recorder - DR7050
    Pen recorder - DR7050
    • Spy recorder in working pen
    • Simple 1 button operation
    • No flashing lights etc
    • Up to 10 hours of battery life
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7050
  14. Smartband voice recorder
    Smartband voice recorder
    • Very unobtrusive design
    • Sound detection mode
    • 8 hours of battery life
    • Easy to use
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7791
  15. Rekenmachine voice recorder
    Calculator - Voice recorder
    • Working calculator
    • Up to 75 days standby time
    • 1 button operation
    • .MP3 files recording
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7462
  16. GSM voice recorder
    GSM voice recorder
    • Suitable for all telephones
    • Uses the Jack input
    • Easy operation, plug and play
    • 144 hours of recording memory
    Regular Price €229.95 Special Price €199.95
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7551
  17. Telephone recorder - stand-alone
    Telephone recorder - stand-alone
    • No computer needed for recording
    • Automatic recording option
    • Memorecorder function
    • 2 GB SD card for 47 hours of recording
    Regular Price €399.95 Special Price €349.95
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7362
  18. Telephone recorder - Fixed line (B)
    Telephone recorder - Fixed line (B)
    • Telephone recorder with software
    • Analog, PBX, IP & Dect
    • Automatic recording
    • Hard disk computer storage
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7741
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