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Key finder - Keyfinder - 6 Set
  • Can be used straight out of the box
  • Incl. batteries
  • Wireless range of 30 meters
  • 6 colors of key finders
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Key finder - Keyfinder - 4 Set
  • Can be used straight out of the box
  • Incl. batteries
  • Wireless range of 25 meters
  • 4 color key finders
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Ook af te halen in 2 winkels
Ook af te halen in 2 winkels

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Keyfinders are handy devices to quickly locate your keys or other objects. The keyfinders that can be ordered online at Sitcon consist of a locator and remote control that communicate wirelessly with each other. These models of keyfinders have been for sale with us for years and are unparalleled in ease of use and quality. Before buying a keyfinder, we have placed as much information as possible about the operation and models on this page so that you can make a better choice. Of course you can also contact us by phone or visit one of our stores if you have any questions about keyfinders.

When to choose a keyfinder

Tired of always searching for your keys? When you hang a keyfinder on your key ring, you can quickly find your keys with the locator. Of course, this can also be used for other objects to which a keyfinder can be attached. Our keyfinders are also used for business purposes. For example, there are many supermarkets that attach a keyfinder to the cold store key so that it is always easy to find.

Different models of keyfinders

A keyfinder can be bought online in many different models and despite the fact that they almost all look alike, there are many differences in how it works.

  • Bluetooth keyfinder
    The keyfinder that works on bluetooth is connected to a smartphone or tablet. You can locate the bluetooth keyfinder via an App and give it a sound signal. With a bluetooth keyfinder it is also possible to use it the other way around by finding it with the keyfinder or smartphone or tablet.
  • Keyfinders with wireless signal
    The keyfinders with a wireless connection work with a receiver which often has the form of a small remote control. Here are the different colors of the connected keyfinders and when the color is pressed, that keyfinder will make a sound signal. Most keyfinders have multiple locators, such as 4 or 6 to secure different items.

Advantages and disadvantages of a bluetooth key finder

A bluetooth keyfinder has the advantage that it can be accessed via your phone via the bluetooth connection. In practice this is about 20 meters. Contrary to what is suggested in some advertisements of bluetooth keyfinders, these are not a suitable alternative for a GPS tracker. When you are within the bluetooth range of the keyfinder you can already see your car.

Advantages and disadvantages of a wireless key finder

The advantage of a key finder that works wirelessly with a remote control and locators is that it is very easy to use. You do not need a smartphone as with a bluetooth keyfinder and by simply pressing the color of the keyfinder on the remote control it gives a signal. In addition to the simpler operation, the range is also greater up to about 40 meters and the batteries last a lot longer. The disadvantage of a keyfinder that works wirelessly is that it does not have smart functions such as a bluetooth keyfinder to take selfies with your smartphone or something like that. We notice that due to this simple operation, the wireless keyfinder model is much higher appreciated by our customers than a keyfinder on bluetooth.

Order a keyfinder online

You can easily buy a keyfinder online and we have all the different models on our website with extensive product information. If you prefer not to buy a keyfinder online, you can also visit one of our stores. We can then show you the different models of key finders and tell you more about how they work.