Built-in GPS trackers

Magnet mounting No (2)
Built-in GPS Tracker - PLUS
  • 1 week backup battery
  • Simlock free GPS tracker
  • Built-in microphone
  • 9 to 36 Volt to connect
€ 199,95
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Ook af te halen in 2 winkels
Built-in GPS Tracker - PRO
  • 4 week backup battery
  • Simlock free GPS tracker
  • Magnet + Microphone
  • 12 volt battery connection
€ 874,90
SKU: 7873

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Ook af te halen in 2 winkels
Ook af te halen in 2 winkels

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A built-in GPS tracker is a very suitable way to secure your car, motorcycle, moped, electric bicycle or other vehicle. With a built-in GPS tracker you always and everywhere have a view of the current location and history of your vehicle or object.

How does a built-in GPS tracker work?

A built-in GPS tracker comes with a simple or extensive wiring harness with at least one battery connection. Most built-in GPS trackers support a voltage of 6 to 36 volts to which they can be connected. After connecting to the power supply, these trackers can be easily built in due to their compact size and can be neatly concealed. The built-in GPS tracker contains a SIM card. This can be a pre-paid SIM card or a special data card for the GPS tracker. This SIM card is used to send the locations of the GPS tracker to a server. You then log in to this server via your computer or smartphone and you see where the built-in GPS tracker is at the moment and where it has been. You can also see how fast the car has been driven and where stops have been made.

Possibilities of a GPS tracker to build in

A built-in GPS tracker can be used with any object with its own battery or where a battery can be placed. For example, you can buy a built-in GPS tracker for cars, bicycles and scooters, but we also sell trackers to build in for campers, caravans, trailers or jet skis.

Is it possible to install a built-in GPS tracker yourself?

Connecting a built-in GPS tracker is basically very simple. You have a plus and a minus wire on the wiring harness that must be connected to the corresponding pole of a battery. Connecting the other cables with built-in GPS trackers with extensive functions requires a little more knowledge and skill. For example, with these built-in GPS trackers you can control the fuel supply and they sometimes have a built-in microphone. The various connection options are listed on the product page of the relevant built-in GPS tracker.

Buy a built-in GPS tracker in a store

On the product pages we have placed information about the various models as detailed as possible so that you have enough information to buy a built-in GPS tracker online. Many people prefer to buy a built-in GPS tracker in a store and you can also contact us in one of our stores.