Driveway alart - IR beams

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Pros and cons : Driveway alart - IR beams

  • De IR straal heeft een zeer nauwkeurige bewegingsdetectie t.o.v PIR bewegingsdetectie.
  • Er kunnen meerdere beweging sensoren uit de PLUS range op het systeem worden aangesloten
  • Het gebruik van meerdere ontvangers is tevens mogelijk.
  • Het ingebouwde zonnepaneel laadt de accu steeds bij voor een onbezorgde werking.
  • De opritverklikker werkt zowel overdag als 's nachts.
  • Bij snelheden boven de 20 km worden bewegingen niet altijd waargenomen door de IR beams.

Description: Driveway alart - IR beams

This driveway alert consists of a receiver with speaker and two wireless beam detectors with a built-in solar panel. This driveway alert system can be used in different weather conditions where the IR beams can be placed up to 60 meters apart at a distance of 100 meters from the base station.

How does the driveway alert work:
The base station provides you with power with the supplied adapter and you can place it against the wall if desired. You place the wireless beams at a maximum distance of 100 meters from the base station opposite each other at a maximum distance of 60 meters between the beams. When the infrared beam is breached, the wireless beams will send a message to the base station which will then give you a ring signal. The volume of this signal can be adjusted on the base station.

Adjust the IR beams:
There are 3 IR rays on the beams. All 3 must be broken simultaneously to give a message. There are peepholes in the beams to adjust the beams to the same height. Up to 30 meters you can do this with the naked eye, but for more than 30 meters you need a laser pointer or laser level to set this correctly. For example, when cyclists also visit at normal speed that need to be detected, it is important that the beams reach average saddle height. At a speed of more than 20 km per hour for cars / cyclists, etc., the beams will not register all movements.

Characteristics base station driveway alert alarm:
- Up to 4 beam sets can be connected
- Delivered with wall bracket
- Adjust volume and signal
- Works on a 15 volt 1.5 amp adapter
- 433 Mhz FSK + FHSS
- Possibility of installing 4 AA batteries for use on batteries

Properties solar beam detectors:
- 433 mhz FSK + FHSS
- Up to 60 meters infrared distance between beams
- Up to 100 meters transmission range to base station
- IP 66 waterproof
- Built-in spirit level for correct placement
- Flexible fasteners
- From -30 to 70 degrees working temperature
- Battery charges via solar energy

Package Contents:
1 x Base station
1 x Solar beam detector set
1 x Mounting material
1 x Manual

Specifications: Driveway alart - IR beams

Detector: Movement
Alarm type: Driveway alert
Sirene: No
Alarm notification: Call signal
Battery: Yes
Battery type: AA
Battery working time: 3 - 6 months
Max. wireless sensors: 4 Wireless sensors
Wireless frequency: 433 Mhz
Zend afstand: > 100 Mtr.
Waterproof: Yes
Adapter voltage: 5 volt
Length cm: 124 mm
Height cm: 265 mm
Wide cm: 45 mm
SKU: 9079

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Driveway alart - IR beams

Driveway alart - IR beams


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