Driveway detector IR beams Solar Line 60M PLUS

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Pros and cons : Driveway detector IR beams Solar Line 60M PLUS

  • The 2 IR beams have very accurate motion detection compared to PIR motion detection.
  • Multiple motion sensors from the PLUS range can be connected to the system
  • The use of multiple receivers is also possible.
  • The built-in solar panel always charges the battery for worry-free operation.
  • The driveway detector works both during the day and at night.
  • At speeds above 20 km, movements are not always detected by the IR beams.
  • This beam set with 2 IR beams is slightly less accurate than our 100M model with 3 IR beams.

Description: Driveway detector IR beams Solar Line 60M PLUS

This driveway detector IR beam set 60M PLUS consists of a base station and two wireless beam detectors with built-in solar panel to detect movements. This driveway detector system can be used in different weather conditions where the IR beams can be placed up to 60 meters apart at a distance of up to 400 meters from the base station.

How does the driveway detector IR beam alarm work:
The base station supplies you with power with the included adapter. Place the wireless IR beams directly opposite each other at a distance of up to 400 meters from the base station, with a maximum distance of 60 meters between the beams. When the infrared rays break through, the wireless beams will send a message to the base station, which will then emit a signal set by you via the built-in speaker.

Wireless receiver operation:
The wireless receiver can be set to 35 different tones and 4 volume levels. Up to 32 sensors can be linked to a receiver. The wireless receiver must be supplied with power using the supplied adapter. Optionally, use of up to 100 hours on a rechargeable battery is possible when you install 4 AA batteries.

Operation of wireless IR beams:
There are 2 IR emitters on the beams. Both of these must be broken simultaneously to give a notification. There are viewing holes in the beams to adjust the beams to the same height. This can be done with the naked eye up to 30 meters, but at more than 30 meters you will need a laser pointer or laser level to set this correctly. For example, if cyclists pass by at normal speed and need to be detected, it is important that the beams are at average saddle height. At higher speeds than 20 km per hour of cars / cyclists, etc., the beams will not register all movements.

Battery and solar panel operation:
The IR beams have a solar panel that charges the built-in battery when there is sufficient sunlight. For proper operation, the solar panels must receive sufficient light. In poorer lighting conditions, the battery of the IR beams may need to be recharged periodically. We supply a 12 volt adapter for this, so that you can do this yourself when necessary.

Install additional sensors and receivers.
This motion alarm can be expanded with additional receivers and detectors. For example, you can place a motion detector in your front and backyard. The other way around is also possible with an extra receiver. For example, you can place an extra wireless receiver in your garage so that you also receive notifications of movement there. All motion detectors from the PLUS line are compatible with this system.

Can be optionally connected to an existing alarm system:
If you want to connect this visitor detector to an existing alarm system, this cannot be done directly wirelessly. This is because this driveway detector transmits on a specially tuned frequency. It is possible to use the wireless relay which can be ordered with this product under the accessories heading. The wireless relay then works as an extra receiver and can then be connected by wire to a free alarm port of the alarm system. When the sensor then gives a message, this will also be passed on to the alarm system.

Base station features:
- Up to 32 sensors can be linked
- Can be placed horizontally or on a wall
- Adjust volume and signal
- Works on a 5 volt 1.5 ampere adapter
- 433Mhz FSK + FHSS
- 433Mhz FSK + FHSS
- Possibility to install 4 AA batteries as a backup
- Works up to 100 hours on 4 AA batteries

Features of solar beam detectors:
- 433MHz FSK + FHSS
- Up to 60 meters infrared distance between beams
- Up to 400 meters transmission range to base station
- IP 66 waterproof
- Works both day and night.
- 500 Mah rechargeable battery
- 3.3 volts voltage
- Static power consumption of 0.5mA
- Built-in spirit level for correct placement
- Flexible mounting pieces
- From -30 to 70 degrees working temperature
- Battery charges via solar panel

Package contents:
1 x Base station driveway detector
1 x Solar IR beams set 60M
1 x Mounting material
1 x Manual

Specifications: Driveway detector IR beams Solar Line 60M PLUS

Conformity: CE
Detector: Movement
Alarm type: Driveway alert
Sirene: No
Alarm notification: Call signal
Battery: Yes
Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
Battery working time: 3 - 6 months
Max. wireless sensors: 8 Wireless sensors
Wireless frequency: 433 Mhz
Zend afstand: > 100 Mtr.
Waterproof: Yes
Adapter voltage: 5 volt
Length cm: 124 mm
Height cm: 265 mm
Wide cm: 45 mm
SKU: 9079

Question:Driveway detector IR beams Solar Line 60M PLUS

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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Driveway detector IR beams Solar Line 60M PLUS

Driveway detector IR beams Solar Line 60M PLUS

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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