SIM card for gps tracker

Pre-paid data sim - Repeat - EU - 12 Months
  • Repeat sim 12 months
  • Coverage EU
  • For eg GPS trackers
  • New sim
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A SIM card for a GPS tracker is a special SIM card that uses the strongest network in Europe or worldwide. A SIM card for a GPS tracker ensures that you don't have to worry about having sufficient credit or APN settings in the tracker. With these SIM cards you are assured of proper operation and range for a predetermined period. As a result, more and more customers no longer opt for a normal pre-paid SIM card or subscription for a GPS tracker, but for a special SIM card for a GPS tracker with a pre-paid data subscription.

How does a sim card for gps tracker work

A SIM card for a GPS tracker is an International SIM card. This means that the SIM card does not belong to a specific provider, such as KPN or Telenet, but uses the best available network per country and location. When purchasing, you select whether you want a SIM card with European or world coverage, and when the GPS tracker arrives in another country, it will automatically switch to a network there, without you having to adjust settings in the GPS tracker itself.

What does a SIM card for a GPS tracker cost?

You buy a SIM card for a GPS tracker for 3, 6 or 12 months and pay the costs for use at the time of purchase. In the app where you view the location of the GPS tracker, you will also see the expiration date of the SIM card, so that you can extend it in time if necessary. When purchasing a SIM card for a GPS tracker, you pay a small surcharge for setting up the GPS tracker the first time and you no longer pay this with a possible extension. The costs per month are approximately 10 euros per month for Europe coverage and 20 euros per month for world coverage. You are not tied to a subscription and can therefore decide for yourself whether and when you extend the SIM card for the GPS tracker.

Use with a GPS tracker from another brand

The SIM cards for a GPS tracker can also be used for other brands of GPS trackers that have not been purchased from Sitcon. However, you must be in possession of the manual of the GPS tracker because the SIM card must be set up once so that it also works properly on your GPS tracker. With GPS trackers from Sitcon, this is already set properly by us by default.

Buy a SIM card for a GPS tracker

When buying a SIM card for a GPS tracker that was not purchased from us, we advise you to contact us to make an appointment to set the SIM card correctly. With a GPS tracker from Sitcon, you can select and buy the desired SIM card with coverage and duration directly online.