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Listening devices

You want to record an important interview or record evidence. With eavesdropping equipment you can follow what is being said in a room remotely. You record conversations and listen to them live or at a later time. At Spywebshop you will find listening devices with excellent sound quality. Thanks to the extensive range you will always find a suitable model.

Monitoring devices with high microphone sensitivity:
You place listening devices in a room or carry them with you unnoticed. Microphone sensitivity plays an important role in this. For example, you can opt for listening devices that are suitable for making sound recordings at a distance of 5 to 10 meters. This makes these recorders suitable for almost all situations. You will also find a flush-mounted transmitter in our range. This has a microphone sensitivity of up to 15 meters and features light and sound detection.

Eavesdropping remotely:
If you want to be able to listen to conversations remotely, then we offer you the GSM transmitter with SIM card. This listening device works on mains or batteries. You place a SIM card in the device, when you call the corresponding number, the monitoring station is switched on. It is even possible to use sound detection. In this case, the mobile phone station calls a pre-programmed telephone number when it detects sound. This way you will always be informed when there are noises in the room.

Buy hidden listening devices:
You want to buy unobtrusive listening devices. In this case, you choose small-size transmitters, or listening devices that are well concealed in existing and everyday objects. Especially for this situation the really working socket with hidden transmitter is very suitable. From the outside there are no strange things to see, while you can still listen unnoticed. The microphone works up to 10 meters away and can therefore be used in various situations. The compact transmitters are not only suitable for concealing in a planter or elsewhere in the room, you can also hide them well in clothing or in a bag. Which eavesdropping equipment is most suitable for your situation depends mainly on the degree of use. For example, you can choose equipment with a standby battery life of up to 6 months and models up to 9 days in standby with 5 hours of listening time. In our range you will mainly find the newest listening devices. You can use applications such as listening in remotely or sound detection. The sensitivity of the microphone and a connection for an external microphone can be important factors in your choice. The products are produced in countries that are known for their progressive technological developments. At our store you will find the best listening devices at very attractive prices.

Thuiswinkel Waarborg and 2 year warranty:
Safe and reliable ordering is an important point of attention. Sitcon is provided with the Thuiswinkel Waarborg quality mark. This means a well-organized ordering process, clear offer and a secure payment environment. We are ready to answer all your questions about listening devices. You are very welcome to view the products in one of our three stores in the Netherlands in Amsterdam and Utrecht and in Belgium in Maaseik.

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  1. GSM transmitter - Magnet mounting
    GSM transmitter - Magnet mounting
    • High quality from the UK
    • Magnet attachment
    • Up to 19 days standby
    • Up to 16 hours of active listening time
    Regular Price €849.95 Special Price €649.95
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7910
  2. GSM transmitter - GSM4000u
    GSM transmitter - GSM4000u
    • High quality from UK
    • Easy in use
    • Very clear microphone
    • Compact size
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7898
  3. GSM transmitter - 3G - Pro +
    GSM transmitter - 3G - Pro +
    • Best channel available
    • 3G network connection
    • Internal and external microphone
    • Deep sleep mode
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7885
  4. Voice logger
    Voice logger
    • Turn any PC / laptop into a recorder
    • Unobtrusive effect
    • Receive files by e-mail
    • From Windows 7
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7876
  5. Wireless communication earpiece - Pro
    Wireless communication earpiece - Pro
    • Mini earpiece with bluetooth chain
    • Bluetooth connection with mobile phone
    • Global operation via mobile
    • Professional execution
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7866
  6. GSM transmitter - Pro +
    GSM transmitter - Pro +
    • Knowles external microphone
    • Sound detection
    • Up to 75 days standby
    • Up to 25 hours of active listening time
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7851
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  8. GSM transmitter - Smoke detector
    GSM transmitter - Smoke detector
    • Dummy smoke detector design
    • Use any SIM card
    • Up to 10 meters clear microphone
    • Up to 8 days standby on battery
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7855
  9. GSM transmitter - Plus
    GSM transmitter - Plus
    • Format 40 x 23 x 16 mm
    • Use any SIM card
    • Up to 9 days standby
    • Up to 5 hours of active listening time
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7848
  10. GSM transmitter - Micro
    GSM transmitter - Micro
    • Format 35 x 17 x 10 mm
    • Use any SIM card
    • Up to 3 days standby
    • Up to 1.5 hours of active listening time
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7847
  11. GSM transmitter + recorder (2 in 1)
    GSM transmitter + recorder (2 in 1)
    • Recording and instant listening
    • Sound detection recording
    • Callback function
    • Long standby time
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7831
  12. GSM transmitter Pro - Installation
    GSM transmitter Pro - Installation
    • Incl. 12 and 220 volt converter
    • Quality Knowles microphone
    • Password protection
    • Light and sound detection
    Regular Price €599.95 Special Price €499.95
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7795
  13. Research software stick - Pro
    Research software stick - Pro
    • Check computer behavior
    • of your children or employees
    • Registers Skype, Facebook and more
    • With e-mail reporting function
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7491
  14. GSM transmitter - socket
    GSM transmitter - socket
    • Working socket with transmitter
    • No deviations
    • Listening in via GSM network
    • Up to 10 meters clear microphone
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7223
  15. GSM zender - Premium +
    GSM transmitter - Premium +
    • Format 40 x 30 x 20 mm
    • Use any SIM card
    • Up to 17 days standby
    • Up to 10 hours of active listening time
    Regular Price €449.95 Special Price €399.95
    Warehouse stock
    SKU: 7030
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14 Items

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