Button cameras

Filming through glass Yes (1)
Button camera Premium - C1020
  • 700 TV lines CCD lens
  • Low Lux of 0.005
  • 78 degree viewing angle
  • 1 cable for power and image
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Button camera set ELITE
  • Button camera with smartphone
  • Recording images on smartphone
  • Remote viewing via PC or APP
  • Very stable connection
€ 899,95
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Ook af te halen in 1 winkel
Button camera set Wi-Fi (A) PRO
  • Full HD recording on SD card
  • Wi-Fi direct APP iOS and Android
  • Can also be used without WiFi
  • Removable/expandable battery
€ 589,95
SKU: 7766

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Ook af te halen in 2 winkels
Button camera set Wi-Fi (B) PRO
  • Full HD recording on SD card
  • Wi-Fi direct APP iOS and Android
  • Up to 200 minutes of filming on battery
  • Removable/expandable battery
€ 449,95
SKU: 6006

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Ook af te halen in 1 winkel

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Button cameras are also known here in Europe under the English name "button camera". Button cameras, as the name suggests, have the appearance of a button and can therefore be worn very unobtrusively in clothing. Because of this inconspicuousness, button cameras are popular with many undercover programs and have become known to the general public.

How does a button camera work?

A cord runs from the button with security camera to a recording system, which is often just a small box with an SD card. The images of the button camera are recorded here and you can listen to them later by inserting the SD card into your computer.

Which models of button spycams are there?

Although the button cameras actually all look a bit the same, there is sometimes a considerable difference in operation and image quality. For example, the button security cameras can be roughly divided into the following three models.

  • SD card recording
    In this model, the button camera runs with a cable to a recording box (DVR) where the images and any sound are recorded on an SD card. You can immediately see the images on a built-in screen and it is also possible to play back the recorded files.
  • WiFi functionality
    If a button camera also has WiFi, you can connect directly to the camera via your smartphone. This usually works up to about 20 meters away and is especially useful for checking whether the button camera is placed correctly and for adjusting any settings. These models often also have an SD card slot for local recording.
  • With SIM card
    With these models it is possible to watch remotely from another location with internet. So when you walk in a shopping street in the Netherlands, another person in Belgium could see the images live. These button cameras work with a supplied Android smartphone that makes this connection possible and also has the option to save the images locally.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a button with a camera?

The advantage of a button camera is mainly the inconspicuousness with which it can be used, because the lens cannot be seen at all. The button camera often comes with different buttons, so that it is possible to make a shirt in the same style as the button with camera.


To use a security camera button properly, it should be placed on a shirt, polo or jacket instead of a button. Quick installation is therefore more difficult and it is also advisable to first test how the image is after placement, because you do not want to see afterwards that you have filmed in the wrong direction. Because of the cable on the button camera, the lens is sometimes pulled up and you have to place the button security camera lower than you might think at first.

Buy a button camera?

If you want to order a button camera online or buy it in our store, we advise you to check the product page at "Store stock" to see if the model you want to buy is in stock there. If this is the case, you can visit us without obligation and we can also advise you further whether the spycam model is suitable for the desired application. If the model is not in stock in the desired store, we can usually have it there the next working day. You can of course also order a button camera online directly via our webshop.