Keychain cameras

Keychain mini camera PRO
  • Unobtrusive key ring
  • Also film in low light
  • Full HD, 1920 x 1080P
  • High quality surveillance camera from Taiwan
€ 299,95
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Ook af te halen in 2 winkels
Keychain Wi-Fi mini camera PRO
  • Keychain design Wi-Fi camera
  • Full HD resolution 1920 x 1280 pixels
  • Wi-Fi direct APP iOS and Android
  • High quality from Taiwan
€ 339,95
SKU: 7765

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Ook af te halen in 2 winkels
Ook af te halen in 2 winkels

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The keychain cameras have the English name keychain spycams and are small spy cameras that independently record video and sound on the internal memory or via a Wi-Fi connection on a smartphone. The inconspicuous design and the possibility to hang the spy camera as a keychain on your keyring make this spycam a popular model.

When to choose a keychain with a camera?

A keychain spycam is very suitable for making video and/or sound recordings of the environment. While filming, you can hold your bunch of keys with the spycam in your hand and, for example, walk across a shopping street while filming. A keychain with a camera is also often used for people who are being stalked or threatened. The keychain spycam is suitable for this because you can grab it quickly and start filming with the push of a button, without the person immediately realizing that you are filming.

Which keychain spycam models are there?

There is sometimes a difference in shape between the different keychain camera models. For example, most keychain spycam models are in the shape of a garage opener, but there are also types that look like a real car key. In addition to the shape of the key ring with security camera, the operation may also differ slightly. We have the following models for sale

Keychain spycam with internal memory

Most keychain spycams have an SD memory card where the images are stored. The battery, the recording unit and the memory are therefore incorporated in the key ring. If you want to view the images after the recordings, you can put the memory card in a phone or PC or connect the keychain with camera to the USB camera with PC.

With WiFi

The addition of a Wi-Fi functionality to a keychain with a camera gives the model some more options. For example, you can set up the keychain spycam via the App on your smartphone and view the live and recorded images. This option is especially useful for more professional use of a keychain spycam, because you can check quickly after the recording whether it has been recorded as intended.

What are the possible disadvantages of a keychain spy camera?

Although a keychain with a camera is very suitable for filming while you carry the product with you, it is not really suitable for monitoring a room. This is when, for example, you want to film in a room or someone has stolen something or the like. Although a spycam keychain may not stand out, the battery life is often only about 1 to 2 hours, after which it will have to be charged again.

More information about spy camera keychains?

In the product information we have listed as many product features as possible and sometimes also added an example video. If you still have questions after reviewing this information, you can of course always contact us by telephone. You can of course also visit one of our stores. We have the keychains with camera in stock and you can view them immediately and of course buy them. We can then also show you an example video.