Bullet security camera set ELITE 2

Bullet security camera set ELITE 2

Bullet security camera set ELITE 2

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Aantal camera's: 2

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Specifications: Bullet security camera set ELITE 2

Camera typeCamera set wired, Camera set Wireless
Number of cameras2 Camera´s
Resolution3840 x 2160 (4x Full HD)
View angleMotorised varifocal, 28 tot 112 °
Nightvision30 - 50 Mtr
Filming through glassNo
Looking from a distanceYes
Software / APPWindows, OS X, iOS, Android
Video outUTP (POE)
Recording functionCloud, Hard drive
Max. memory4 TB
Meegeleverd geheugen4 TB
Motion detectionPost motion, Pre motion, Yes
Alarm notificationPush notification, E-mail
AudioMicrophone connection
Length cm22.5 cm
Height cm8.5 cm
Wide cm8.5 cm

Pros and cons :

  • Latest generation recorder and camera, with video and power running via UTP network cable (POE).
  • Watching both live images and reviewing the images is possible on a smartphone.
  • Recording on built-in hard disk and Cloud recording possible via Dropbox.
  • New generation Starlight lens, so that the image has more detail at night.
  • Easy to install yourself.
  • Not wireless by default. Can be made wireless with our Powerline adapters.

This ELITE bullet camera set with 2 cameras is a complete camera system from the line of the latest generation of CCTV surveillance cameras. The bullet camera has a motorized varifocal lens, SMT IR LEDs, Power over Ethernet (POE) and Starlight night vision technology. The HD recorder has a built-in power over ethernet (POE) switch, smartphone APP with P2P cloud technology, dropbox storage option and much more. The ease with which this camera system can be used makes it suitable for anyone to install themselves. Furthermore, this camera system can easily be made wireless with our Powerline adapters.

Motorized lens:
The motorized lens of the HD camera makes it possible to zoom via the recorder, but also from the APP. Thanks to the auto focus, the image is immediately focused, so you have a zoom range between 31 and 103 degrees.

New generation of night vision:
Superior night vision is made possible by using the new generation of SMT IR LEDs and a special 'Starlight' light-sensitive lens. This light-sensitive Starlight lens can film with much more detail in low light than is possible with a conventional security camera. The images are just as clear in the dark as during the day and the strong SMT LEDs enable up to 50 meters of night vision.

Power over Ethernet (POE)
The Bullet camera supports power over Ethernet (POE) and can therefore be connected directly to the recorder with a UTP network cable. The recorder has a built-in POE switch which supplies the cameras with power directly and where the image and possibly sound also run via the same cable.

Motion Detection and Recording:
This recorder comes with a built-in hard disk and is set by default to record when there is movement. With 4 cameras it takes on average up to a month before the hard disk is full. When this happens, the oldest images will automatically be overwritten.

- Pre-record function:
Even the five seconds before the movement are recorded, so you always have the full events recorded.

- Motion Detection Distance:
The motion detection works by analyzing the image and therefore works as far as the camera has a view.

- Exclude part from motion detection:
You can select yourself which part of the image should or should not be detected by the motion detection.

- Exclude part from recording:
In addition to excluding part of the motion detection, it is also possible to select a certain area in the image that will not be recorded. You then place a privacy mask over the part you wish to block, which then appears as a black surface. This way you can aim the camera as you wish without recording privacy-sensitive parts or, for example, your neighbors.

- Adjust motion detection sensitivity:
You can specify how much motion must occur before it is detected and recording begins. For example, you can lower the sensitivity when there are too many motion reports.

- Set times for motion detection:
The recording schedule can be set in such a way that it can be determined per day and time whether recording should be made in case of movement.

- Optional cloud storage:
A smart option of this recorder is that a snapshot of the movement can also be uploaded to your dropbox account. This way, the images are still safe if your recorder is taken away or damaged. A dropbox account can be created for free via dropbox.com and works like a kind of personal hard drive on the internet.

View images via the APP or PC:
The free app that comes with the recorder is suitable for Windows, MAC OS, iPhone and Android. You connect the recorder to your router with the supplied network cable and the rest goes without saying without having to adjust any settings. From that moment on you can view the live images, but also the recorded images from the same location, but also at the office or even when you are abroad. In the event of movement, you will also receive a notification via the APP on your smartphone via a push notification.

To view images on a TV (monitor):
The recorder can be connected directly to a TV or other monitor with an HDMI input using the supplied HDMI cable. The recorder also has a VGA output for use with monitors that do not yet support HDMI.

Intelligent Video Analysis:
This ELITE camera system is equipped with intelligent video analysis software. With this software it becomes possible to use the following functions:

- Face recognition: When a person comes into view, a photo is taken of the face, which is saved with a time and date stamp. Then the next time the face matches for a certain percentage, it will be saved in the same folder. An alarm can then be set for a specific person so that a notification is sent when this person comes into view.

- Perimeter intrusion: When an area is indicated on a camera image with this function, a notification will be given when a person or object enters the indicated area.

- Stationary object: When this function is enabled, you will be notified when an object is removed from a certain area or placed in a certain area.

- Line crossing: The user can draw virtual lines through the screen and link notifications to them. When something or someone crosses the drawn line, a notification can be set and a photo will be taken.

- Cross counting: This function counts how many times a preset line is crossed by a person or object. This option can be used as a visitor counter.

Optional: Wireless operation via power network with Powerline Adapters:
With the separately available powerline adapters it is possible to let the camera work wirelessly, so that no cable has to be pulled from the recorder to the camera. The images are then transmitted via the power grid by the Powerline adapters. You connect a powerline adapter (Receiver) to the recorder with the supplied network cable. Then you also place a powerline adapter (Transmitter) near the camera, which you also connect with the supplied network cable. With these powerline adapters it does not matter whether the powerline adapters are connected in the same group or phase as long as they are behind the same meter cupboard.

Install yourself or have it installed?
Although this wireless camera system is easy to install yourself, you can of course also have the system installed at your location. We are happy to put you in touch with a specialized company, so that their experienced installers ensure proper operation, adjust the settings to your wishes and provide you with an extensive product explanation.

Package contents:
1 x Recorder with 4 channels - ELITE
2 x Bullet cameras - ELITE
2 x 20 meter UTP cable (other lengths on request)
Screw and plug cameras
All necessary accessories

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Bullet security camera set ELITE 2

Bullet security camera set ELITE 2