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Pros and cons : Dome security camera set EASY 1

  • Latest generation recorder and camera where video and power run via a UTP network cable (POE).
  • Both viewing live images and reviewing the images possible on a smartphone or computer.
  • Record for weeks on the built-in hard drive.
  • Easy to install yourself.
  • Not wireless by default. Can be made wireless with our Powerline adapters.

Description: Dome security camera set EASY 1

This dome security camera set EASY comes complete with recorder, 1 dome camera, cables and accessories. So you will receive everything you need to connect this system yourself. This user-friendly camera system can be placed both indoors and outdoors and has useful functions such as watching live from your smartphone or PC.

How does the dome camera system EASY work ?:
The recorder is the central point in the setup of this security camera system. For example, the UTP cables run from the recorder to the dome cameras, a network cable to your router and optionally an HDMI cable to your TV or monitor. A hard disk is built into the recorder where the images are stored continuously or during movement.

Power over Ethernet (POE):
The dome camera supports power over ethernet (POE) and can therefore be connected directly to the recorder with the supplied UTP network cable. The recorder has a built-in POE switch which directly supplies the dome cameras with power and whereby the image and possibly sound also run via the same cable.

Motion Detection and Recording:
The recorder with 4 channels comes with a hard disk and is set as standard to record during movement. With 4 cameras, it takes an average of up to a month before the hard disk fills up. When this happens, the oldest images will be automatically overwritten.

- Pre-record function:
Even the five seconds before the movement are recorded, so that you have always recorded the complete events.

- Motion Detection Distance:
The motion detection works by means of analysis of the image and thus works as far as the camera has a view.

- Exclude part from motion detection:
You can select which part of the image the motion detection should or should not detect.

- Exclude part from recording:
In addition to excluding a part of the motion detection, it is also possible to select a specific area in the image that will not be recorded. You then place a privacy mask over the part you wish to block, which will then be seen as a black area. This way you can aim the camera as you wish without recording privacy-sensitive parts or, for example, your neighbors.

- Adjust motion detection sensitivity:
You can specify how much motion must occur before it is detected and recording starts. For example, you can lower the sensitivity when there are too many motion notifications.

- Set times for motion detection:
The recording schedule is adjustable in such a way that it can be determined per day and time whether it should be recorded during movement.

Viewing images via the APP or PC:
Software is included with the recorder which is suitable for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. You can connect the recorder to your router with the included network cable and the P2P function means you don't have to adjust any settings in your router. Via the secure server you can from that moment view the live images, but also the recorded images from the same location, but also remotely. If desired, a push notification can be set so that you receive a notification via the APP on your smartphone in case of movement.

Viewing images on a TV (monitor):
The recorder can be connected directly to a TV or other monitor with HDMI input using the supplied HDMI cable. The recorder also has a VGA output for use with monitors that do not yet support HDMI.

Optional: Wireless operation via power network with Powerline Adapters:
With the separately available powerline adapters it is possible to operate the camera wirelessly, so that no more cables have to be run from the recorder to the camera. The images are then sent by the Powerline adapters via the power grid. You place a powerline adapter (receiver) with the supplied network cable on the recorder. You then also place a powerline adapter (transmitter) near the camera, which you also connect with the included network cable. With these powerline adapters it does not matter whether the powerline adapters are connected in the same group or phase as long as they are behind the same meter cupboard.

Install yourself or have it installed ?:
Although this wireless camera system is easy to install yourself, you can of course also have the system installed at your location. We are happy to put you in touch with a specialized company, so that their experienced installers ensure proper operation, adjust the settings to your wishes and provide you with an extensive product explanation.

Features Dome camera - EASY:
- 2MP lens 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution
- HDR (high dynamic range)
- True-to-life colors
- 3D noise reduction
- Fixed 92 degree lens
- Night vision up to 20 meters (Infrared light beam not visible)
- IP66 Waterproof
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (-40 ° C to + 50 ° C)
- POE (Power over Ethernet)
- 10 cm diameter by 9 cm high
- Stainless steel
- Wall and wall mounting suitable

Features NVR - EASY:
- Recorder with 4 channels
- 1920 x 1080 pixels recording at 30 frames per second
- 1TB hard disk built-in
- Privacy mask (cover area with a black area)
- Motion detection with advanced options
- Continuous recording option
- Switching off recording per camera possible
- Overwrite images when storage is full or periodically
- Backup images via USB stick, computer or smartphone
- Multiple users and rights can be set
- Live images & review via monitor, computer
- Live images & review via smartphone and tablet
- Live images & review via computer
- Smartphone / tablet app for Apple & Android
- Software for Windows & Mac
- P2P function so no changes to your router / network are necessary
- Adjustable push notification for movement
- No monthly costs
- Secure servers
- The system works independently of your network. An internet connection is only necessary if you want to watch from a distance.
- System recovery in case of power failure with notification
- Maximum 24 watts of power consumption
- The recorder has the following connections
- 1 x UTP with PoE (max. 4 cameras)
- 1 x UTP (internet or 4G router)
- 1 X HDMI
- 1 X VGA
- 2 x USB
- 1 x relay (with alarm in / out)
- 1 x audio line out
- 1 x power supply 48 V.

Package contents:
1 x Recorder with 4 channels - EASY
1 x Dome cameras - EASY
1 x 20 meter UTP cable (other lengths on request)
Screws and plugs cameras
All necessary accessories
Instruction manual

Specifications: Dome security camera set EASY 1

Conformity: CE
Camera type: Camera set wired, Camera set Wireless
Number of cameras: 1 Camera
Resolution:1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Looking from a distance:Yes
Nightvision:15 - 20 Mtr
View angle: 90 - 95 °
Filming through glass: No
Software / APP: Windows, OS X, iOS, Android
Video out: UTP (POE)
Recording function: Cloud, Hard drive
Max. memory: 2 TB
Meegeleverd geheugen: 1 TB
Motion detection: Post motion, Pre motion, Yes
Alarm notification: Push notification, E-mail
Audio: No
Battery: No
SKU: 9160

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Dome security camera set EASY 1

Dome security camera set EASY 1

8.6 / 10
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