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5 popular Lawmate products in a row

Lawmate is a well-known brand in the field of hidden cameras. High quality comes first, naturally at an excellent price. What are Lawmate's best-selling products? Below five popular spy cameras, suitable for making hidden video recordings.

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Preventing an IP camera from being hacked

When you search on the internet, millions of IP cameras can be found that you can view directly. This has to do with the weak security of these cameras, everyone can see the images. For example, your privacy is being violated and private images may appear on the internet. You want to prevent this, only in this way can you trust your camera security with confidence.

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Hide small hidden camera in your clothing

With a portable spy camera it is possible to record unobtrusive images. You can easily take pictures by hiding a camera in your clothing. Hidden cameras are used by private detectives and you may know the cameras of television programs as Fraudsters abroad and Scammed.

Hidden cameras are getting smaller thanks to improved technologies. For example, there is a professional button camera , equipped with a light-sensitive lens, which means it can be used both during the day and at night. The button camera has an external microphone. Thanks to a 32 gigabyte SD card you can film for hours in a high image quality. This camera can easily be concealed in a jacket, cardigan, sweater or bag.

A professional button camera is the absolute winner among the hidden cameras. This set consists of a button camera with 1200 TV lines and a professional portable recorder. The button camera replaces a normal button in a blouse, jacket or cardigan. Of course you can also hide the button camera elsewhere in clothing or in a bag or backpack. The button camera has a light-sensitive lens and can therefore also be used during the night. A cable runs from the camera to the recorder, which you can hide in your pocket or jacket pocket.

Hidden camera in glasses or watch

Do you not want to wear a hidden camera in your clothing? Then it is possible to opt for a spy camera in your glasses or watch. The spectacle camera is available in various versions. Depending on the model, the lens is almost invisible to completely invisible . A spectacle camera has the appearance of a regular pair of glasses and a removable battery is concealed in the leg of the pair of glasses. You film what you are looking at, spectacle cameras are therefore ideal to use as a hidden camera.

Spectacle cameras are available from € 249. Are you looking for a cheaper model? Then try the spycam sunglasses or sports glasses with a video camera.

Do you not need to wear a spectacle camera? Another way to make hidden recordings is the spy watch, unobtrusive and very effective. The better watches are equipped with sound recognition and film when the device detects sound, which means a considerable saving in battery life.

There are different watches available. The cheapest model of € 49 films with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. With 8 GB of internal memory, this watch offers enough space to record for a few hours. The improved version is equipped with a night vision camera, an internal memory of 32 gigabytes and Full HD image quality. The spy watch is also available as a smart watch.

Pen camera and tie camera

Men use the spycam tie, equipped with 550 TV lines and super HAD CCD lens. This hidden camera is discreetly concealed in a tie. The camera can be connected directly to the portable DVR. In addition, it is possible to use an AV connection.

The pen camera is also a great alternative. The pen camera can be operated by pressing a button.


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