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Hidden safes: All your belongings are stored safely

Hidden safes are hidden lockers that are made to store your valuables very unobtrusively or to hide your extra key outside. hidden safes come in many different shapes and sizes of which the key safe in a stone is the best known. This stone has a hollow space that fits a key and can therefore be placed somewhere in your garden so that you can go back inside in case you have forgotten the key.

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Listening to conversations with a voice recorder

Do you want to record conversations in an inconspicuous way? Then it is best to do this with a voice recorder. The recording quality of a voice recorder is excellent and it is easier to record with a voice recorder than with a smartphone. This is due to the battery life of voice recorders, the inconspicuous way in which you hide a voice recorder and the microphone sensitivity with which you can record, even when there is a distance. When you record sound with a voice recorder, you do not have to inform your conversation partner. It is legal to record a conversation in which you participate. Are you recording a conversation in which you are not participating? In principle, that is not allowed, you must request permission for this. Call in a lawyer for exceptional situations.

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Laws and regulations for the use of GPS trackers

GPS trackers are increasingly being used. This way you can track your vehicle if it is stolen and when employees are driving it. If a GPS tracker is placed in the vehicle of your employees, there are laws and regulations attached to it. In this article we go through these laws and regulations with you.

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