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Interior mirror dash camera: The most inconspicuous car dash camera

Car cameras or dashcams are gaining popularity in Europe and more and more models are coming onto the market. The latest model car camera is a dashcam concealed in an interior mirror which can be placed over any existing interior mirror. In this interior mirror there is a front camera with a 2.7 inch TFT screen on the front where the images can be seen directly. These are also stored on a micro SD card (* not included), so that they can be viewed and / or transferred to a computer later.

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Traffic recorders: New DOD-Tec dashboard cameras from Taiwan for sale online with us

Traffic recorders or dashboard cameras are experiencing a very strong advance. This camera, which can be placed on the windshield of a car, captures sharply what is happening on the road ahead. Due to the recent popularity of these dashcams, the market is flooded with versions from various manufacturers. The manufacturer that was the first to introduce high-quality traffic recorders to the market was DOD-TEC from Taiwan, which is still at the forefront of technology and design. For some time we have included a large part of the DOD-Tec dashcams in our assortment.

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