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Description: Telephone line connector

With this telephone line connector it is possible to turn any memory recorder into a telephone recorder. The operation is very simple: You place the adapter between the line that runs from the device to the receiver and also connect it to the line input of the recorder.

What type of voice recorders are supported ?:
In principle it is possible to use the telephone line connector with any voice recorder with a 3.5 inch jack plug input. However, not all voice recorders support sound recognition when they are connected to a telephone line and therefore have to be switched on manually. It will also record if there is no sound until you stop recording or the battery runs out. Our voice recorder with article number 7004 and 7180 do support sound recognition when connected to the telephone line.

What types of telephone lines are supported?
The telephone line connector can only be used with analog telephone lines. The telephone line splitter and connector can be ordered as an accessory and is only suitable for recording telephone conversations on an analog telephone line. In 99% of the cases, ISDN exchanges have analog telephones and the connector can therefore be used on these. If you have a PBX or VOIP telephone, you can only use it when you place it between the handset and the telephone.

Package contents:
1 x Telephone line connector
No 3.5 inch jack cable
No voice recorder included

Specifications: Telephone line connector

Battery: No
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8.6 / 10
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Telephone line connector

Telephone line connector

8.6 / 10
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