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Pros and cons : Voice recorder - Extreme

  • Unparalleled battery life compared to recorder format.
  • Very many advanced settings possible via the PC software.
  • High quality from Russia. Eg up to 9 meters microphone sensitivity.
  • The voice recorder is a bit larger due to the higher capacity battery.

Description: Voice recorder - Extreme

This voice recorder Extreme has the longest battery life of all memorecorders that are for sale. The voice recorder spy can work up to 8 days continuous, 1 month on sound activation and up to a year standby on the rechargeable battery. Furthermore, the voice recorder Extreme has an optional external microphone for discreet placement.

Extremely long battery life voice recorder:
The voice recorder extreme has the longest battery life of any voice recorder that is for sale. This recorder can be used for up to 8 days continuous, 1 month on sound activation mode and up to 1 year on standby (on timer). This makes this voice recorder especially suitable for use in locations where access to is very rare.

Use internal or with external microphone:
We deliver this voce recorder extreme with an external microphone that can be connected to the micro usb port. The internal microphone is sufficient for many applications, but the external microphone can be useful if, for example, the recorder itself is inserted somewhere and only the external microphone points into the room that you want to monitor.

To listen to recordings from a voice recorder:
The recorded files from this voice recorder can be listened to via a Windows computer and possibly removed and / or copied to a USB stick, for example. The software for this voice recorder is very graphic and can be set by anyone, because a clear Dutch tap by step manual is also supplied.

What can you set with the voice recorder Extreme?
- Sound recognition level (how loud must the sound be before the recorder starts)
- Timer (set per day of the week or every day when to record.
- Quality (do you opt for longer recording or higher quality?)

Recorder Extreme Features:
Length: 80 mm
Width: 40 mm
Height: 8.5 mm
Housing: metal
Recording time memory: 1122 hours
Battery time in recording mode: 8 days
Battery time in sound detection mode: 1 month
Battery in standby (timer) mode: 1 year
Audio recording format: Mono
Audio codec: 16 bit u-law, 16 bit, 20 bit
Up to 9 meter sensitive microphone
Frequency band: 3 Khz to 13,536 kHz
Dynamic range: -60 dB
Sample rate: 8, 11, 16, 22
Supports all Windows operating systems

Package Contents:
- Voice recorder Extreme
- External microphone
- 32 GB SD card
- USB cable
- Softwware mini CD (Windows)
- Dutch manual

Specifications: Voice recorder - Extreme

Microphone sensitivity: 5 - 10 Mtr
Battery: Yes
Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
Sound detection: Ja
Battery working time: 4 - 8 weeks
Batterijduur standby: 6 - 12 maanden
Playback possible via: Windows PC
Speaker: No
SKU: 7552

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Voice recorder - Extreme

Voice recorder - Extreme


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