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Specifications: Pen voice recorder PLUS

Microphone sensitivity5 - 10 Mtr
Battery typeLi-ion recharchable
Sound detectionJa
Battery working time8 - 12 hours
Batterijduur standby8 - 12 uur
Playback possible viaProduct itself
SpeakerInput port
Length cm150
Height cm12
Wide cm12

Pros and cons :

  • Pen can write and does not differ in weight from a regular pen.
  • The recording can be started quickly by pressing the clip down.
  • You can listen to recordings via the supplied headset or via PC / Mac
  • High quality from Korea.
  • The pen recorder has a limited battery life of 12 hours.

This pen recorder PLUS distinguishes itself from other covert voice recorders in both sound quality and ease of use. For example, this pen recorder is turned on / off by just sliding the clip of the pen up or down. This way you will always know if the pen is recording. Furthermore, this pen recorder has a sound detection mode, 12 hours of battery life, very high recording quality and thin design.

Sound detection mode:
The sound detection mode of this pen recorder ensures that recording is only made when there is actually sound and you no longer have to listen to parts where nothing has been said when listening to the files. It is of course also possible to have the pen recorder record continuously whenever you want.

ALC microphone:
ALC stands for automatic level control and this means that the recorder adjusts the recording depending on the volume of the perceived sound. For example, the sounds that are behind will be amplified and loud sounds will be muted so that everything can be clearly heard.

Recording on battery:
The battery of the pen recorder is rechargeable and can therefore be used again and again. The pen recorder can record up to 12 hours when the battery is fully charged.

Recording on memory:
Our pen recorder PLUS has an internal flash memory of 1 GB with which you can record for 140 hours. The large memory is especially useful when you want to use the pen several times, but cannot get the files off every time you load it.

Time & Date stamp:
Via the PC it is possible to activate a time and date stamp after which it will be added to the sound recordings.

Extra thin design:
If you want to record conversations inconspicuously, it is of course not desirable to walk around with a differently thick pen, which can raise question marks among your conversation partners. This pen recorder therefore has a diameter of only 11.4 mm and a length of 135 mm.

Slide operation:
The pen recorder has a clip on the top of the pen that acts as an on and off button. When you press the clip down, the pen recorder will start recording. In which mode should be recorded, continuous or with sound detection, you must set in advance via the supplied software.

Inconspicuous recording:
The pen recorder will never give light or sound that betrays the voice recorder function. Only the position of the clip indicates whether the recorder is recording or switched off.

Playing back recorded recordings:
The recorded conversations can be listened to in two ways. It is possible to play the files directly from the pen recorder with the supplied earplugs and you can connect the pen recorder to a computer with the supplied USB cable to transfer or delete the files.

High quality from South Korea:
This professional pen recorder is made by a supplier in South Korea and distinguishes itself in terms of appearance and design as well as ease of use and recording quality from other pen recorders from China. This way, this pen recorder always works as it should when it matters.

Package contents:
1 x Pen recorder PLUS
1 x Earplugs
1 x USB cable
1 x Extra ink cartridge
1 x Instruction Manual

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