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Dashboard cameras: The models compared

The introduction of the dashboard camera has been behind us for some time and at the moment there are many different models of car cameras for sale. To properly view the differences of these dashboard cameras, we have tested all these car cameras and compared the functionalities. When you want to buy a dashboard camera it is therefore advisable to first read through the differences in car camera properties below.

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Full HD camera for car or motorcycle

The Full HD 1080 PD action camera is very suitable for placing on your motorcycle or on your car and thus filming the journeys. The full hd camera can even be used for filming during racing on the circuit due to the high frames per second of up to 60. Furthermore, the camera is IP68 waterproof so that it can still be attached to the hood or morot even in the pouring rain without that it is damaged.

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Dasboard camera films car accident

This man in the USA fortunately had no injuries from this car accident, but fortunately did record the images with a dashboard camera to present it to the police / insurance company. Although a dashboard camera is of course very useful if you are involved in an accident, it can of course serve many more situations on the road. By filming your journeys with a special car video camera, you are always strong in this way if something happens.

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Diving mask camera: film now while snorkeling

You may have already booked the holiday and again this year the necessary photos and video recordings will be made of the holiday activities. From now on it is also possible to film the activities under water, for example during diving or snorkeling with a diving goggle camera.

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Waterproof sport camera

Now that summer is coming again, it is time to get ready for various water sport activities, such as kite surfing, windsurfing or sailing. Filming all these action moments without being afraid that your beautiful camera will be damaged by the water is now possible with a specially made waterproof action camera.

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Sponsored helmet camera for Bikers4Bart

Sitcon BV has made a HD helmet camera available to Bikers4Bart free of charge on 24-02-2011 who participate in the Dutchenne Heroes 2011. With this helmet camera they will film both the preparation and the event and will post videos of this on their website.

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Go Pro HD camera versus Extreme HD camera

The Go Pro HD camera has long been the action sports camera when it comes to filming in extreme circumstances. This helmet camera is used for filming during snowboarding, motorcycle racing, cycling, base jumping or other extreme stunts. Since January 2011, a formidable competitor has joined the Extreme HD helmet camera . To compare these helmet cameras, we have not jumped off a building, but focus solely on the technical specs.

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Filming your journeys + GPS positions for car and motorcycle

Have you always wanted to film beautiful journeys by car or motorcycle in HD quality or to protect yourself with video images in the event of a collision? With the newest dashboard camera it is possible to film in Full HD quality and save the GPS positions. In this way you not only get razor-sharp images of all your journeys, but you can also see how fast you were driving at that time and where you were using Google Earth TM.

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