Fisheye 360º camera SMART

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Video: Fisheye 360º camera SMART

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Pros and cons : Fisheye 360º camera SMART

  • Due to the compact size, it can be placed in many places. For example under the facade / gutter.
  • VR Fisheye 360º lens for monitoring a room with one camera
  • Can also be made wireless with our Powerline adapters.
  • Camera has no audio.

Description: Fisheye 360º camera SMART

The VR Fisheye 360º camera SMART is from the line of the latest generation of CCTV security cameras. This Fisheye 360º camera has a compact size, waterproof housing, Power over Ethernet (POE) and 360º camera lens.

Compact housing Fisheye 360º camera:
The compact housing of this VR Fisheye 360º camera makes it possible to mount the camera on a ceiling or wall.

360 degree lens VR Fisheye camera:
The 360 degree lens ensures that the area that can be monitored is very large. For example, when this camera is hung in the middle of a room, you can get an equal view of the entire room.

PTZ control VR Fisheye 360º camera:
The Fisheye 360º camera is easy to operate from the recorder. For example, you can choose between different views where the image can be shown as one round or in all different screens. You can also zoom and rotate the image per corner, just like with a PTZ camera.

Night vision up to 5 meters VR Fisheye 360º camera:
The fisheye camera has 3 IR LEDs with which you can still film up to about 5 meters in the dark. During the day the images are in color and in the dark when the IR LEDs turn on the images are in black and white.

Power over Ethernet VR Fisheye 360º camera:
The fisheye camera supports power over ethernet (POE) and can therefore be connected directly to our Sitcon recorders with a UTP network cable. The Sitcon recorders have a built-in POE switch which provides the cameras with direct power and whereby the image and possibly sound also run via the same cable.

Optional: Wireless operation via power network with Powerline Adapters:
With the separately available powerline adapters it is possible to operate the camera wirelessly, so that no more cables have to be run from the recorder to the camera. The images are then sent by the Powerline adapters via the power grid. You place a powerline adapter (receiver) with the supplied network cable on the recorder. You then also place a powerline adapter (transmitter) near the camera, which you also connect with the included network cable. With these powerline adapters it does not matter whether the powerline adapters are connected in the same group or phase as long as they are behind the same meter cupboard.

Package contents:
1 x Fisheye 360º camera SMART
1 x Screws + plug

Specifications: Fisheye 360º camera SMART

Number of cameras: 1 Camera
Resolution: 2048 x 1536 (1,5x Full HD)
View angle: 360 °
Nightvision: 0 - 5 Mtr
Filming through glass: No
Waterproof: Yes
Video out: UTP (POE)
Audio: No
Battery: No
Length cm: 65 mm
Height cm: 75 mm
Wide cm: 65 mm
Conformity: CE
SKU: 7877

Vragen:Fisheye 360º camera SMART

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Fisheye 360º camera SMART

Fisheye 360º camera SMART


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