Thieves powder: Stop (internal) theft

Thieves powder is the weapon against (internal) theft when hidden camera surveillance is not allowed or not possible. The thieves powder set offered by us can easily be used by anyone to stop loss of income due to internal theft. The video below demonstrates how the thieves powder can be used.

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How does thieves powder work?
You apply the thieves powder to an object that you want to see if it is touched or possibly stolen. When the object has been touched or disappeared, you can check your staff or children with a UV lamp to see if the dust is found. The fabric will light up when the UV light comes on, the way you find out if someone has been in contact with the powder or not.

What is Thieves Powder used for:
Thieves powder is used by both private individuals and companies to prove theft or secure an object. Because the thieves powder is easy to apply to all types of objects, this anti-theft powder can be used in any situation. The Thieves Powder Set consists of a jar of Thieves Powder (15 Grams) and a UV Lamp with 12 LEDs. The UV Flashlight works on 3AAA batteries that are attached to the back of the flashlight.

Package Contents:
1x thieves powder (15 grams)
1x UV Flashlight 12 Led

View the product page of the: UV thieves powder set here



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