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Private Detective Bureau QUSO BV is a sister company of Sitcon BV with which we cooperate in the field of Private Detective investigations. Detective agency QUSO BV is a detective agency recognized by the Ministry of Justice and works for both individuals and companies. Since its establishment in 2001, the private detective agency specializes in investigations into Partner alimony fraud, Adultery / Cheating, Corporate fraud, Competition clause violation and Suspicious reports of sick leave. Often, the detective investigations conducted by the private detective agency are aimed at shadowing or observing the (former) partner in connection with alimony or adultery, but you can also go to a private detective agency for other private detective services.

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Adultery: The best products to find out the truth

When there is a suspicion of adultery, there are various ways to find out the truth. If you want to investigate your adulterous partner, you can also conduct your own investigation in addition to calling in a private detective agency. In this article we give a few examples of products that are very suitable for deploying yourself in demonstrating adultery.

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Company Investigation: In case of fraud hire a investigation agency or do your own investigation?

Company investigation: if you suspect fraud in your company, it is often not possible to call in the police immediately. You can investigate many forms of fraud yourself, but you also have the option of hiring a company investigation agency. Below we will try to give advice in which cases you can investigate company investigations yourself and when it is wiser to hire a specialized agency.

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