In what way can I prove fraud or fraud?

You can be disadvantaged by all kinds of parties. Both internally and externally! Are you dealing with employee fraudulent practices? Then they are no longer welcome in your company and you will have to deal with criminal law and dismissal. To prove this, it is important to follow the correct procedures. In this article we will go into more detail about legally obtaining evidence.

Recording fraud

Do you suspect that employees are guilty of fraud or theft? Prevent even more damage and record the behavior of these employees. The use of security cameras or hidden cameras can help you with this. Hidden cameras capture images without being noticed. A table clock with built-in camera or a smoke detector with camera, your stealing employee falls through the basket. You can also use listening devices. A single or built-in espionage transmitter records all conversations. It is even possible to monitor telephone conversations and to monitor the use of telephones. For this you use control software and the telephone behavior of your staff can be monitored. Think of calling, emailing and other apps that people use. Fraud cases come to light sooner. You can enter this proof in a court case!

Prove fraud or fraud

A suspect is innocent until proven otherwise. Have you been scammed by a company or legal entity? Criminal prosecution is only possible with sufficient evidence. Therefore, record all the actions of a scammer, including agreements that you have made with a scammer. For example, a so-called company that calls you and asks for confirmation of your data. This is often for a purpose on the internet or in a special guide. Upon confirmation, you secretly agree to a quote and receive an invoice for this. Record the telephone conversation and collect evidence with a voice recorder or special telephone recorder. Even if you are cheated unexpectedly, you can still prove this later.

Fraud with commercial vehicles

A common form of fraud is the unauthorized use of commercial vehicles. This can cost you dearly, so check your staff using a GPS tracker . Allows you to register the current location of your vehicle and GPS locations for the last 30 days. You oversee the use of a commercial vehicle, and unauthorized use is also easy to prove.

Legal and convincing evidence

Keep in mind the privacy law when making recordings. You cannot simply capture someone on image or sound. Do you suspect fraud or fraud and are you the victim of this? Then you have compelling reasons to follow someone in their behavior. In this case, the evidence is often allowed by the court. Therefore, use all possible tools, this will prevent problems in providing evidence. However, do not keep the evidence longer than necessary. That's not allowed! Knowing more? We cordially invite you to one of our showrooms or to talk to you personally! Reach us by telephone and e-mail via +31 (0) 306303631 or



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