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Where can you hide your jewelry? Tips from a security expert

In addition to the fact that jewelry is worth money, there is an emotional value to jewelry. It would therefore be annoying if your jewelry was stolen. To reduce the risk of theft, there are several places where you can hide them. Here you will find tips from a security expert. With these hiding places you can reduce the risk of theft.

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New models of mini lockers

Some new mini safes have been added to our range. These hidden safes are made to hide valuable items such as SD cards, money and the like. The latest models are becoming more and more unobtrusive and worth seeing. For example, there is a covert coin made of a real 50 cent coin in which a micro SD card can be placed and there is even a small locker that can be immersed in your favorite coffee cup.

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Fake TV: A carefree holiday

Buy a fake TV security lamp with discount code: up for € 24.95 including free shipping. With the vacation at your doorstep, leaving your home safely is always a hot topic. In addition to the light switch on timer for turning on your lights at specific times, there is now also a fake TV security lamp. This dummy television is a lamp which mimics the light of a TV with different light colors and strengths. The advantage over leaving your real TV on is that this security lamp uses much less power and can be set to timer.

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Balance Boards: The new craze!

The new craze at the moment is electric balance boards, which are also called mini segways. A balance board is an electric board with 2 wheels on which you can stand. By moving your weight forwards or backwards you will start moving and when you put more pressure on a certain leg you will go that way. It takes some getting used to in the beginning, but with a little practice it can be done by both young and old!

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