Wideband detector PLUS

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Description: Wideband detector PLUS

RF Detection System PLUS for detecting eavesdropping devices and hidden cameras. This anti-eavesdropping system has a signal strength indicator, a very large sweep range and is very easy to use.

When do you need this transmitter detector?
Have you been questioning a particular space or events lately and want certainty? Check now if you are eavesdropped with this eavesdropping detection system. You can use this eavesdropping detector over and over again and be assured that your privacy is safeguarded. Eavesdropping detection range from 50 to 6000 Mhz, which is spacious enough to detect all eavesdropping equipment. Most eavesdropping equipment works around 500 mhz and 2200 mhz (GSM transmitters etc) and with this eavesdropping detection system you are therefore very spacious in terms of scan frequency.

How does the Wideband transmitter detector PLUS work?
The wideband transmitter detector - premium comes with 2 different antenna sets. The first is for a broadband scan of the signals present in the area. Then switch from the antenna set to the one with the Micro-pointer to more accurately determine the location of the signal.

PLUS vs PRO version:
This PLUS wideband detector is recommended by us for detecting simple to semi-professional eavesdropping equipment. If you suspect that professional equipment may be used, consider our PRO wideband detector. The PRO version has an activity log function, with which channels that send an occasional batch of data can be traced. View the Wideband transmitter detector PRO here

Transmitter detector PLUS detects:
- All kinds of hidden eavesdropping transmitters (AHF / VHF / FM)
GPS car tracking systems (GSM, 3G, 4G)
- Wireless and wired spy cameras
- GSM eavesdropping transmitters

Features transmitter detector PLUS:
- Detection of Bluetooth, Wifi, Dect and GSM 900/1800/2100
- Main antenna with a range of 50 - 6000 Mhz
- Second antenna at 2.44 Ghz
- 16 led strong indicator
- Sound and / or vibration alert
- FM correlation function for finding FM stations
- 2 sensitivity levels
- 20 hours of battery life (2 x AA)
- Durable metal housing

Package contents:
1 x Wideband transmitter detector PLUS
1 x Wideband antenna
1 x Micro pointer antenna
2 x AA battery

Note: Due to the specific nature of the product, products that have been put into use will not be returned.

Specifications: Wideband detector PLUS

Best for:: Detect listening devices
Detect:: 2G (GSM), Bluetooth, WiFi, UHF / LHF / VHF, Wireless camera´s
Wireless camera detection: 1,2 Ghz camera´s, 2,4 Ghz camera´s, 5,8 Ghz camera´s
Detection range: 1 - 10 Mtr
Battery: Yes
Battery type: AAA
Vibration alarm: Yes
Battery working time: 8 - 12 hours
Length cm: 120
Height cm: 16
Wide cm: 70
SKU: 7071

Question:Wideband detector PLUS

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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Wideband detector PLUS

Wideband detector PLUS

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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