Thieves Powder - Visible

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Description: Thieves Powder - Visible

Thieves Powder - Visible is a powdery substance that causes a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with the body. In contrast to the normal Thieves powder that becomes visible when UV light is shone on it, the Thieves powder - Visible on the body reacts and will produce very striking colors on the body.

How does the Thieves Powder - Visible:

If something is stolen within a company or you simply want to protect an object, this Thieves Powder - Visible is the ideal product. You apply the Thieves Powder to money or another type of object, the powder will not be visible on this object. The moment someone comes in contact with the scent and colorless powder, it will hit the body with a striking purple color. The thieves powder is not erasable and will wear off the body after a few days.

What is Thieves Powder used for:

Thieves powder is used by both private individuals and companies to prove theft or secure an object. Because the thieves powder is easy to apply to all types of objects, this anti-theft powder can be used in any situation.

Package Contents:

1x Thieves Powder - Visible (15 Grams)

Specifications: Thieves Powder - Visible

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Thieves Powder - Visible

Thieves Powder - Visible


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