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Description: Invisible Ink - Basic Pen

This Invisible ink - Basic Pen is a pen that works with invisible ink. When writing with this pen, this is not visible to the naked eye. The moment you shine on the ink with a UV lamp, the written text becomes visible. If you have written a text with the pen or want to read someone else's text, you can make the text legible with the UV lamp on the back of the pen.

The Invisible ink - Basic Pen comes complete with batteries. When the pen is removed from the package, it is immediately ready for use. There is a small piece of plastic between the batteries in the pen that you must first remove before the UV lamp works. This is to protect the batteries so that they do not drain. When the pen has been written, you can turn on the UV light at the top of the pen using a button.

Package Contents:

1x Invisible Ink - Basic Pen

3x batteries

Specifications: Invisible Ink - Basic Pen

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Invisible Ink - Basic Pen

Invisible Ink - Basic Pen


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