PIR sensor camera Xtreme life PLUS

PIR sensor camera Xtreme life PLUS

PIR sensor camera Xtreme life PLUS

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Specifications: PIR sensor camera Xtreme life PLUS

Camera typeSelf recording camera
Resolution1280 x 720 (HD)
View angle60 - 75 °
NightvisionDusk (no IR LEDs)
Filming through glassNo
Looking from a distanceNo
Recording functionSD card
Max. memory32 GB
Motion detectionYes
Battery typeLi-ion recharchable
Battery working time2 - 4 weeks
Length cm105
Height cm40
Wide cm65

Pros and cons :

  • Dummy motion detector housing containing the recorder, battery and camera.
  • Due to the large battery, it can be used stand-alone for up to 1 month.
  • No WiFi. The PIR detector must be disassembled to view the images.

The PIR sensor camera Xtreme Life is a surveillance camera built into a motion detector with a very high capacity battery. This allows the PIR sensor camera to be on standby for up to 30 days and film up to 20 hours. Optionally, the PIR sensor camera Xtreme Life can also be connected to the supplied adapter so that the battery only serves as a backup.

How to install the PIR sensor camera Xtreme Life:
A micro SD card with a maximum size of 32 GB (not included) must be placed in the PIR sensor Xtreme Life camera. Then, by following the steps in the manual, you can set whether the camera should record motion or continuous, and set things like date and time. The PIR sensor camera comes with a wall mount that can be mounted with the supplied 3M tape or with screws. Because the foot can be turned and swiveled, the correct angle can easily be determined.

Long battery life Xtreme Life PIR sensor camera:
This PIR sensor camera is very suitable for standalone operation due to the large battery capacity. For example, the Xtreme Life PIR sensor camera can stand on a full battery for up to 30 days and can record up to 20 hours of continuous filming. The standby time decreases very quickly when movies are being made. In practice, with the occasional video, the battery life will be a few days to a week, and even shorter with a lot of exercise. This is comparable to your mobile phone. When you video call for 15 minutes, the standby time will immediately decrease by about 10%.

View images Xtreme Life PIR sensor camera:
Viewing the images is possible on any PC, Mac and smartphone that has an SD card reader. You remove the micro SD card, place it in the PC or smartphone and the images can be played with a standard media player.

AV connection Xtreme Life PIR sensor camera:
The extreme life PIR sensor camera has an AV output with which it can be connected directly to a TV or monitor. This connection can also be used to connect the camera to a DVR so that the camera can be made part of the existing camera system.

Designed and assembled in the EU:
This mini security camera was designed and assembled in the Czech Republic by a supplier specialized in special cameras. The difference compared to Chinese camera models can be felt immediately in the quality of the product and can be seen in the finish and ease of use.

Package content:
1 x Xtreme Life PIR Sensor Camera
1 x AV cable
1 x Remote Control
1 x Mounting Foot
1 x 3M tape
1 x Manual
No micro SD card included

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PIR sensor camera Xtreme life PLUS

PIR sensor camera Xtreme life PLUS