Video to VGA converter

Video to VGA converter

Video to VGA converter

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Specifications: Video to VGA converter


This video to VGA converter is a converter that can convert S-video and RCA (BNC with connector) video signals to VGA without loss of quality. In this way it is possible to connect a security camera directly to a computer monitor or laptop screen via the VGA port.

The video converter has an RCA and S-video input. If you have a security camera with a BNC output, you will need an RCA male to BNC female plug. You can order this by finding this product at the 'Accessories' tab.

Video to VGA converter features:
- Advanced scan frequency 60 HZ to 75 Hz
- Provides flickering images
- Switch between 640 * 480/800 * 600/1024 * 768/1140 * 900/1680 * 1050 and CRT
- Extra strong 3G anti-noise function

Package contents:
1 x Video to VGA converter
1 x 5 volt cable

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Video to VGA converter

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