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Description: Research software stick - Pro

This keylogger software stick Pro with Skype + Audio recording is the newest addition to our range of keyloggers. In addition to the functions that are equally available with other keyloggers such as the unobtrusive registration of all keystrokes and making screen shots, this spy software can also record the sound in the vicinity of the computer or during a conversation on Skype, MSN or other programs.



Difference Audio version VS other keyloggers:
The audio version of the keylogger stick has, besides all the possibilities of the standard version, also the possibility of discreetly recording sounds made during a conversation on Skype or other programs. Even when people do not speak via Skype or MSN, but simply work behind the computer, the sounds that take place around 5 meters around the computer will be recorded. So apart from registering all activities on the computer, this keylogger spy software also works as eavesdropping equipment.

Microphone required in computer - Audio function :
For the audio bug function to work properly, it is necessary that there is a microphone in the computer or laptop on which you install the spy software. On most laptops of the past 3 years, a built-in microphone is also standard and on computers where one uses Skype conversations this is of course on it. If there is no microphone on the computer, it is possible to order an external microphone with this product. Among the TAB accessories, we offer an external high-sensitive microphone with an extension cable of 2 meters. This can be connected to any computer and can easily be concealed because of the compact size.

How does the Keylogger Audio version work?
1. You start the computer where you want to install the key-logger spy software. (It is necessary that you have rights to install software on the computer)

2. You connect the keylogger USB stick to the computer, after which an installation program will start automatically. During the installation you can indicate whether you want to have made screenshots for specific words or with a specific interval (eg every 15 seconds). Also state here whether you want to use the audio bug function and select the microphone and speakers used by the computer.

3. You remove the keylogger stick and the installed software will from that moment save all typed words, visited websites and screenshots in accordance with your secured. The files cannot be found by another user and certainly cannot be read by the special encryption!

4. The keylogger can be set in such a way that the reports are sent to an e-mail address that you set up. Now also works on most free e-mail providers such as @hotmail and @gmail and on others such as @kpn, @ziggo @ or company e-mailboxes etc.

5. You can also reconnect the keyloggers stick to the computer when you want to view the information from the computer. All information stored on the computer will now be transferred to the keylogger USB stick and deleted from the computer. Because we deliver the stick with an 8 GB memory you can download weeks of information on it.

What does the Keylogger stick audio version register?
- Calls on Skype, MSN or other programs
- Sounds in the environment of the computer
- Audio bug works on sound detection
- All keystrokes with time / date stamp
- Makes screenshots with set interval

Keylogger stick Audio version other features :
- Super 'Stealth' Mode (nobody notices that the program is installed.
- All data is stored with strong encryption and cannot be found on the computer.
- 8 GB storage capacity (up to 10,000 screenshots and countless keyboard touches).
- Can be used on 1 computer at the same time.
- Works on all Windows


Pay attention:
This product falls under the product group 'software' is therefore excluded from the right of withdrawal. See: Frequently asked questions

Specifications: Research software stick - Pro

Solutions for:: Real time monitoring
Software / APP: Windows
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Research software stick - Pro

Research software stick - Pro


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