Keystrokes safe - USB

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Description: Keystrokes safe - USB

With this Keystrokes safe - USB it is possible to register all keystrokes of a computer over a longer period of time. With this keyboard logger you can see exactly what has been done on a particular computer and what has been typed.

How does the Keystrokes safe - USB work?
The Keystrokes safe - USB is a compact device that you place between the keyboard and the computer. The Keystrokes safe - USB has internal memory on which all keystrokes are stored with time and date stamp. You can then view all keystrokes by reading the Keystrokes Safe - USB on the computer on which you have installed it or on another computer. You do need the Keystrokes safe - USB for this and dis cannot be used remotely.

No software installation:
Unlike other USB Keystroke Safes that are offered for sale online, this Keystroke Safe - USB does not require any software to be installed on the computer. The computer can therefore simply be switched off during installation and there is no chance that a virus scanner or other program will detect anything.

Features Keystrokes safe - USB:
- Plug & play installation between keyboard and computer
- No software installation required, so computer does not need to be turned on
- Time and date stamp
- Register 6 months of keyboard strokes with average use
- Undetectable by spyware programs or virus scanners
- Both for Windows and MAC OS computers
- Compact size 37 x 14 x 19 mm

Possible applications:
- Protect your child from online dangers.
- Monitor internet, email and chat activity.
- Back up written documents.
- Check the efficiency of your employees.
- Intercept passwords.
- Collect computer related evidence.
- Detect unheard of use of a computer.

Package contents:
Keystrokes safe - USB
2 MB internal memory (6 months of attacks)
Instruction manual

Specifications: Keystrokes safe - USB

Solutions for:: Real time monitoring
Software / APP: Windows, OS X
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Question:Keystrokes safe - USB

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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Keystrokes safe - USB

Keystrokes safe - USB

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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