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Description: Keystrokes safe - PS2

With this Keystrokes safe - PS2 it is possible to register all keystrokes of a computer over a longer period of time. With this keyboard logger you can see exactly what has been done on a certain computer and what has been typed.

How does the Keystroke safe - PS2 work?
The Keystrokes Safe is a compact device that you place between the keyboard and the computer. The Keystrokes safe - PS2 has internal memory on which all keystrokes are stored with time and date stamp. You can then view all keystrokes by reading the keylogger on the computer on which you installed it or on another computer. You will need the keylogger for this and this cannot be done remotely.

No software installation:
Unlike other Keystrokes safe - PS2 that are offered for sale online, this Keystrokes safe - PS2 does not require any software to be installed on the computer. The computer can therefore simply be switched off during installation and there is no chance that a virus scanner or other program will detect something.

Features Keystrokes safe - PS2:
- Plug & play installation between keyboard and computer
- No software installation required, so the computer does not have to be switched on
- Time and date stamp
- Register 6 months of keyboard strokes with average use
- Not detectable by spyware programs or virus scanners
- Compact size 49 x 14 mm

Possible applications Keystrokes safe - PS2:
- Protect your child against online dangers.
- Check internet, email and chat activity.
- Make a backup of written documents.
- Check the efficiency of your employees.
- Intercept passwords
- Collect computer-related evidence.
- Detect incorrect use of a computer.

Package Contents:
Keystrokes safe - PS2
2 mb internal memory (60 days)

Specifications: Keystrokes safe - PS2

Solutions for:: Real time monitoring
Software / APP: Windows
Raportage per e-mail: Nee
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Keystrokes safe - PS2

Keystrokes safe - PS2


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