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Button camera set - Pro A
Button camera set - Pro A

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    Description: Button camera set - Pro A

    This button camera set from Lawmate from Taiwan is the best button camera set available. The set consists of a professional portable recorder (SKU 7598) and a 5V button camera (SKU 7451) with 1200+ TV lines and a 1/3 inch Sony lens. The button camera set has very professional specifications and is therefore ideal for TV work by journalists or the use by mystery guests.

    How to use the button camera set:

    The button camera can be connected directly to the portable DVR using the Din plug cable that supports 5V out and only needs 1 cable to transmit the audio / video and power to the recorder, making it easy and quick to connect. A cable runs from the button camera that replaces a normal button in your blouse or jacket to the recorder that, for example, is in your pocket and records the video images. The lens of the button camera is almost invisible, making this spycam kit very popular for use in conversations and interviews, worth sitting opposite each other for a long time and the camera should definitely not stand out.

    Very low light sensitivity button camera:

    This button camera is good to use during the day and at night due to its light-sensitive 0.03 lux F2.0 lens. There should be a limited amount of light, but this should be so low that weak street lighting or lighting in a bar is sufficient.

    External AGC microphone:

    The HD button camera comes with an external microphone so that image and sound can be recorded simultaneously, but can also be used without this microphone when there is no space for placing the microphone or audio is not necessary.

    Din plug connection:

    The HD button camera transmits the images with sound via the strong cable with Din plug connection and also receives the power here. So there is only 1 cable from the portable DVR to the digital button camera.

    WDR function:

    This digital button camera has a WDR function, which means that the lens of the button cam can focus on different lighting conditions. For example, backlighting when sitting in front of a window will be compensated.

    High resolution recording DVR1105W:

    The DVR1105W can be set in different recording resolutions. For example, very high full HD resolution can be filmed from 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second to a lower resolution of 320 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second if the recording duration is more important than the quality of the video images.

    Photo option DVR1105W:

    The DVR1105W has the ability to take photos during recording or during playback. In many court cases, judges prefer photos to support an investigation for practical reasons. Because this option is integrated in the DVR, the photos can be taken without any significant loss of quality.

    Adjustable frames per second DVR1105W:

    The frames per second are adjustable and, just like the set pixels, mainly affects the recording duration. The higher the frames per second is set, the smoother movies can be made and the lower frames per second, the longer it can be filmed on the internal memory.

    1 TB internal hard drive DVR1105W:

    The DVR1105W contains a compact hard disk of 1TB which, depending on the settings and the camera, can be filmed for more than a week. The portable DVR also supports an SD card of up to 128 GB, so you can easily transfer images from the hard drive to an SD card.

    4400mah battery DVR1105W:

    The DVR1105W comes with an interchangeable 4400 mAH rechargeable li-ion battery that allows the DVR to film for up to 180 minutes with a 2.5 inch jack plug 5V analog camera and film for up to 120 minutes with a Full HD Din plug spycam from Lawmate

    Pre-event recording DVR1105W:

    The DVR1105W has a pre-record function, with which up to 30 seconds of the 'standby image' can be added to the video file before recording. In this way, the chance that just that important shot was missed is a lot smaller.

    Dual password protection DVR1105W:

    Extra strong security by means of a password to prevent improper transfer or deletion of the video files.

    Permanent log file DVR1105W:

    From the moment the DVR1105W is turned on until it is turned off again, a log file is created in the system where all actions are stored. These can be used afterwards with the film as an addition, because it is not possible to adjust this log file afterwards and it can be shown that no changes have been made to the video recording.

    Personnel number input DVR1105W:

    In addition to a date & time stamp, the DVR1105W also has the option of adding a unique personnel number to the video recordings. In retrospect, it is therefore possible to see exactly who made which image and when.

    Personnel number input DVR1105:

    In addition to a date & time stamp, the DVR1105Touch also has the option of adding a unique personnel number to the video recordings. In retrospect, it is therefore possible to see exactly who made which image and when.

    Wi-Fi function Lawmate DVR1105W:

    The latest camera range from Lawmate uses a direct Wi-Fi connection with which you can connect directly to the camera up to a distance of about 10 meters. The live image can then be viewed, but it is also possible to adjust the settings. It is not possible to approach the camera from a distance longer than 10 meters. This is because there is no interference from a router and you connect directly to the Wi-Fi network of the camera. There is an APP available for this for iOS and Android. It will not work on any other operating system.

    High quality from Lawmate from Taiwan:

    We buy this spycam from the Lawmate from Taiwan, where we purchase more high-quality spy camera products. The difference compared to Chinese spy camera models is directly felt in the product and can be seen in the image quality and ease of use.

    DVR1105W Features:

    - 5 inch RGB 800 x 480 color TFT LCD screen
    - NTCS / Pal input detection
    - H.264, Jpeg compression
    - Continuous, motion detection, timer and pre-record recording functions
    - 320 x 240/640 x 480 / 720x480 / 1024x768 / 1280 x 720/1280 x 960/1920 x 1080 pixels adjustable
    - Built-in 2.5 inch 1 TB HDD & SD card slot (up to 128 GB)
    - 1,5,10,15,25,30 frames per second selectable
    - DC5V 250 mA max. To camera
    - DC12V 150mA max. To camera
    - 2.0 USB PC interface
    - Bit rate adjustable: High (5mbps), Medium (3.3 mbps), Low (2.5 mbps)
    - Date & time stamp
    - Frame counter stamp
    - Baseline JPEG photo format
    - Wi-Fi module 802.11B / G / N WPA2
    - 170 minutes of battery life with 5V analog camera
    - 120 minutes of battery life with Full HD Dinplug camera
    - 142 x 88 x 30 mm
    - 317 grams without battery

    Digital button camera features:

    - 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080P Full HD)
    - 2.8 µm (H) x 2.8 µm (V) pixel size
    -> 1200 TV lines
    - 1 / 2.8 inch SONY CMOS sensor
    - More than 52 dB S / N ratio (AGC off)
    - +36 dB MAX AGC
    - 0.03 Lux / 50 IRE @ F2.0
    - 1/8 1 / 30,000 electronic shutter
    - RAW Data video output
    - 2Vp-p (MAX) 10 KHz ohms impedance audio output
    - 4.3 mm lens
    - 78 degrees viewing angle
    - 50 cm depth of field
    - 3.3V power via HDMI cable
    - 200 mA power consumption
    - 25 x 25 x 17 mm
    - 120 grams

    Package contents:

    1 x Touchscreen DVR1105W (SKU 7598)
    1 x HD button camera C1023LX (SKU 7451)
    1 x USB cable
    1 x Charger
    1 x Cover
    1 x Earplugs
    1 x Rechargeable battery
    1 x AV cable 5V
    1 x AV cable TV
    1 x Cable connector
    1 x Din plug controller cable

    Specifications: Button camera set - Pro A

    Camera type: Camera set wired
    Resolution:1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
    Looking from a distance:Yes
    Nightvision:0 - 5 Mtr
    View angle: 60 - 75 °
    Filming through glass: Yes
    Software / APP: iOS, Android
    Video out: Wi-Fi (2,4 Ghz)
    Recording function: SD card, Hard drive
    Max. memory: 1 TB
    Meegeleverd geheugen: 1 TB
    Motion detection: Post motion, Pre motion, Yes
    Audio: Yes
    LCD: Yes, internal
    Battery: Yes
    Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
    Battery working time: 3 - 8 hours
    SKU: 9211

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    Button camera set - Pro A

    Button camera set - Pro A


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