Black box spycam Flex PLUS

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Pros and cons : Black box spycam Flex PLUS

  • The box can be used stand-alone for up to 10 hours and can therefore be used very flexibly.
  • The lens is very small and can be turned at any angle thanks to the flexible 13 cm cord.
  • The lens must be properly fixed to the space to be filmed, otherwise it may jump.

Description: Black box spycam Flex PLUS

Due to the 13 cm long camera cable, this black box camera Flex PLUS is very suitable for building in or hiding somewhere while only the camera lens points in the direction you want to film. The product consists of a small size black box that contains the recording module and battery. The internal battery can work for up to 10 hours and it is easy to connect a standard power bank with mini USB connection if a longer battery life is desired.

Recording settings:
In the setup software tool of the blackbox camera can be set whether continuous, on movement or only at times set by you. For example, continuous recording can take up to 8 hours on the internal battery and when set to motion detection, this can be up to 10 hours depending on the amount of movement.

Vibration trigger mode:
The Blackbox camera flex has a vibration mode where the camera goes into sleep mode until vibration is detected. This can be used, for example, that you place the black box camera in a room where there is little movement, the black box only switches on when vibrations are detected. The battery life in this mode can be up to 30 days because the black box goes into sleep mode. However, the black box will only respond to vibration in this position and not to movement or sound.

Recording duration per GB:
The black box camera flex can film at low frames per second for 1 hour on 1GB memory card and at the high frame rate 15 minutes on 1 GB. The blackbox camera plus supports up to a 64 GB SD card. The recorder can be set in such a way that when the memory is full, the oldest images are automatically overwritten.

Need longer battery life?
If you want to film longer than the internal battery supports, it is also possible to connect a special 5V battery pack to the black box camera. Under the TAB 'accessories' you will find the specially adapted battery pack. The blackbox camera can use this to film up to 44 hours longer.

Other features black box camera flex:
- Adjustable file size (10/15/20) minutes
- Adjustable auto start / top
- HD ready resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
- 62 degrees viewing angle
JPEG video compression
- .AVI video format
- 1.3V / lux-sec
- 100mA power consumption
- 1200mAh 3.7 rechargeable battery
- Up to 10 hours of continuous filming
- Standby for up to 90 days in vibration trigger mode
- Turn off audio recording
- Can be configured via Windows PC or MAC OS. The blackbox mini camera can also be set up in our store.
- Optional tilted recording

Package contents:
1 x Black box camera Flex PLUS
1 x 5V adapter
1 x Car adapter
1 x USB cable
No memory card

Specifications: Black box spycam Flex PLUS

Camera type: Self recording camera
Resolution: 1280 x 720 (HD)
View angle: 60 - 75 °
Filming through glass: No
Waterproof: No
Looking from a distance: No
Recording function: SD card
Max. memory: 64 GB
Motion detection: Yes
Audio: Yes
Battery: Yes
Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
Battery working time: 8 - 12 hours
Length cm: 88
Height cm: 43
Wide cm: 19
Conformity: CE
SKU: 7796

Vragen:Black box spycam Flex PLUS

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Black box spycam Flex PLUS

Black box spycam Flex PLUS


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