IR beam detector set solar PLUS

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Description: IR beam detector set solar PLUS

This wireless IR beam detector set with built-in solar panel consists of 2 units that send 2 infrared rays to each other. When these beams are broken, the beam detectors will send a signal to the base station. The beam detectors operate on battery and have a built-in solar panel that charges the internal battery every time.

How does the IR beam detector set work:
The solar energy beam detector set consists of a beam that emits infrared light and a beam that receives it. The beams can be placed up to a distance of 60 meters from each other, up to 400 meters from the base station. When the infrared beam between the wireless beams is interrupted by, for example, someone walking through it, a signal will be sent to the base station which can then give an alarm.

Installation Solar IR Beams set:
When installing the solar beams, at a distance of more than 10 meters between the beams, a laser pointer is required to align the beams. Furthermore, at a distance of more than 10 meters, it is important that the beams are placed at medium height, because breaking the beam by a single leg is not sufficient to give a message.

Operation on z battery with solar panel:
There is a solar panel on the IR beams which charges the built-in battery when there is sufficient sunlight. For proper operation, the solar panels need to get enough light. In less light conditions, the battery of the IR beams may need to be periodically recharged. We supply a 12 volt adapter for this, so that you can do this yourself when necessary.

Optionally connectable to existing alarm system:
If you wish to connect this visitor detector to an existing alarm system , this cannot be done wirelessly. This is because this driveway indicator transmits on a specially tuned frequency. However, it is possible to use the wireless relays which can be ordered with this product under the heading accessories. The wireless relay then works as an extra receiver and is then wired to connect to a free alarm port of the alarm system. When the sensor gives a message, this will also be passed on to the alarm system.

Features of the wireless beam detector set:
- 433/230 Mhz frequency
- Up to 60 meters infrared distance between beams
- Up to 400 meters transmission range to base station
- IP 66 waterproof
- Built-in spirit level for correct placement
- Flexible mounting pieces
- From -30 to 70 degrees working temperature
- Battery charges via solar energy

Package contents:
2 x Wireless IR beams
4 x mounting brackets
1 x Instruction Manual
No base station!

Specifications: IR beam detector set solar PLUS

Conformity: CE
Detector: IR beam
Sirene: No
Decibel alarm: N.v.t.
Smartphone APP: No
Battery: Yes
Battery type: Li-ion Solar
Battery working time: 3 - 6 months
Max. wired sensors: N.v.t.
Max. wireless sensors: N.v.t.
Wireless frequency: 433 Mhz
Zend afstand: 50 - 100 Mtr.
Waterproof: Yes
Adapter voltage: N.v.t.
SKU: 7614

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8.6 / 10
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IR beam detector set solar PLUS

IR beam detector set solar PLUS

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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