4G Security camera SMART

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Pros and cons : 4G Security camera SMART

  • No wired internet required, so it can be used anywhere
  • 4G connection is fast enough for congestion without hiccups.
  • The APP for smartphones provides notifications in case of movement
  • Recording on SD card up to 128 GB very long.
  • The camera does not have Wi-Fi. You can therefore only use it wired or with a SIM card.

Description: 4G Security camera SMART

This 4G IP security camera makes it possible to have camera surveillance in places where there is no fixed internet connection, because this outdoor camera can work on a SIM card. Because the outdoor camera uses a server from the manufacturer, any (pre-paid) SIM card can be used and it does not need to have a fixed IP address as is usually the case with other 4G cameras.

How does the 4G IP outdoor camera work:
This 4G camera is a security camera that can also work on a SIM card. You place a SIM card that has internet access in the SIM card slot of the security camera. The first time you want to use the outdoor camera, you must connect it to your router with a network cable and set up the camera via your Windows PC or Android / iOS smartphone. For example, you must enter the APN data of the SIM card provider so that the camera can connect via the SIM card. After you have adjusted the settings, you can disconnect the camera and place it at any location with 4G coverage. You can then view the camera images on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, but of course also on another PC.

Applications 4G IP outdoor camera:
Because this IP outdoor camera does not need a fixed internet connection to work, the application possibilities increase enormously. For example, this camera can be used to monitor camera in your (holiday) home, garage or other place where there is no internet.

LAN functionality 4G IP outdoor camera:
In addition to working on a SIM card, this outdoor camera also has all the features that a normal IP camera has. This camera can be connected to your router with a network cable.

Smartphone APP 4G IP outdoor camera:
This 4G IP outdoor camera can be accessed with any iOS or Android smartphone and tablet. For iOS devices such as an iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones and tablets, a free App can be downloaded with which the IP camera can be accessed. For example, you can see what is happening at home from work.

Night vision 4G IR outdoor camera:
The IP outdoor camera has infrared (IR) LEDs around the lens that provide up to 20 meters of night vision in the dark. During the day the images will be beautiful in color and at night the outdoor camera will switch to black and white.

Push video 4G IP outdoor camera:
In addition to sending an e-mail during movement, it is also possible to receive a Push video notification with this 4G IP outdoor camera. After you have installed the APP on your IOS or Android device, you can indicate that you will receive a push video notification in case of movement. As soon as motion is detected, the APP will notify you and it is possible to view the recorded video immediately.

SD card slot 4G IP outdoor camera:
The 4G outdoor camera has a micro SD card slot that can accommodate up to a 128 GB card. It is possible to record the images on this in the event of movement and it is therefore not necessary for recording that a computer in the network has to remain connected, because in this way the IP camera can work completely stand-alone. No micro SD card is supplied as standard.

IP66 waterproof 4G IP outdoor camera:
This 4G outdoor camera is waterproof and can therefore be placed anywhere. Some of our customers use this outdoor camera in combination with a battery or solar panel, so that the outdoor camera can even be placed in the middle of a field, for example.

Specifications 4G IP outdoor camera:
- 1 / 2.7 Color Cmos sensor
- 1920 x 1080 full HD, 1280 x 720, 720 x 480, 640 x 480 or 320 x 240 pixels
- 10 - 30 frames per second
- 100k - 5Mbps video coding kbps
- 4 MM fixed lens / F2.0
- 90 degrees horizontal, 50 degrees vertical viewing angle
- 1 lux IR off, 0 lux IR LEDs on
- H.264, Mpeg, Mjpeg video compression
- AAC audio compression
- Built-in microphone
- Up to 16 simultaneous users
- Micro SD card support up to 128 GB
- 10/100 Mbs ethernet port
- RJ-45 interface
- IR LEDs for night vision up to 20 meters
- Windows, IOS or Android
- Alarm output
- DC 12V 2A
- 7.38 W max power consumption
- Temperature from -20 to 65 degrees

Package contents:
1 x 4G IP IR outdoor camera
1 x mounting bracket
1 x Screws and plugs
1 x Network cable 1 meter
1 x Instruction Manual
No Micro SD card

Specifications: 4G Security camera SMART

Conformity: CE
Camera type: Self recording camera, 3G/4G camera
Number of cameras: 1 Camera
Resolution:1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Looking from a distance:Yes
Nightvision:15 - 20 Mtr
View angle: 90 - 95 °
Filming through glass: No
Software / APP: Windows, OS X, iOS, Android
Video out: SIM card, UTP (POE)
Recording function: SD card
Max. memory: 128 GB
Meegeleverd geheugen: N.v.t.
Motion detection: Yes
Alarm notification: Push notification
Audio: Yes, two way
Battery: No
Length cm: 190
Height cm: 70
Gewicht: 750 grams
SKU: 7647

Question:4G Security camera SMART

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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4G Security camera SMART

4G Security camera SMART

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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