Cable-free battery camera - Expansion (White)

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Description: Cable-free battery camera - Expansion (White)

This cable-free battery-powered camera can be purchased as an extension to our cable-free camera sets. Up to 6 battery cameras can be connected to our cable-free camera set NVR.

Battery operation:
The cable-free camera is equipped with an interchangeable battery pack with which the camera can be on standby for up to 2 years and with 20 movements per day, each time filming for 10 seconds, it still has an effect of up to 4 months. When the battery is almost empty, a notification will be sent to the camera in the APP, so that you can recharge the battery in time. The battery can be quickly disconnected via the 'quick release' system and can be recharged within a day with the supplied charger. There are also separate battery packs available for quick exchange.

Wireless signal:
Because this wireless camera set uses a digital signal, a maximum distance of 100 meters is possible between the camera and the NVR. With a maximum of 3 walls, there is still about 40 meters. Because the cable-free cameras are linked to the NVR, the wireless signal is very stable and interference-free.

PIR motion detection:
The cable-free camera has a built-in PIR motion sensor which can accurately detect movement up to 10 meters.

Package contents:
1 x Wirefree camera
1 x Antenna
1 x Rechargeable battery
1 x Battery charger

Specifications: Cable-free battery camera - Expansion (White)

Conformity: CE
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
View angle: 120 - 140 °
Filming through glass: No
Waterproof: Yes
Video out: 2,4 Ghz RF
Recording function: No
Motion detection: Yes
Audio: Yes, two way
Battery: Yes
Length cm: 126
Height cm: 89
Wide cm: 73
Gewicht: 400 gram
SKU: 7988

Question:Cable-free battery camera - Expansion (White)

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8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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Cable-free battery camera - Expansion (White)

Cable-free battery camera - Expansion (White)

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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