Phone Call Blocker - Pro

Phone Call Blocker - Pro

Phone Call Blocker - Pro

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Specifications: Phone Call Blocker - Pro


The Telephone Call Blocker - Pro is a small box that will be placed between your modem and telephone. On the Call Blocker you can set numbers that can no longer connect to your telephone number. It is possible to block both incoming and outgoing numbers, the numbers that are then called or try to call you will hear the sound that this number no longer exists.

How the Phone Call Blocker - Pro works:

The Phone Call Blocker - Pro is a very user-friendly product that can be used by everyone. The telephone blocker is a small box with a built-in LCD screen so that it can be installed anywhere. The telephone call blocker will be placed between your telephone modem and your landline telephone, you can then set the number to be blocked on the blocker itself.

What is the Phone Call Blocker - Pro used for:

Many people suffer from stalkers or commercial callers. With the Phone call blocker you can block these numbers so that they get busy tone when they try to call you. When you have blocked a number, the phone will no longer ring, so you will no longer be bothered by annoying commercial callers or stalkers.

Block incoming and outgoing numbers:

With many similar products it is only possible to block numbers that call to your device. With this PRO version it is now possible to also block outgoing calls, this can be useful, for example, if you have children who are not allowed to call certain numbers, such as erotic or paid lines.

Features Phone Call Blocker - Pro:

- No external power needed

- Block incoming and outgoing calls

- Very user-friendly

- Only works on analog telephone lines

- LCD display with date and time

- Block up to 1500 numbers

Package contents:

1x Phone Call Blocker - Pro

1x Telephone cable 10cm

1x Manual

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Phone Call Blocker - Pro

Phone Call Blocker - Pro