Telephone recorder - stand-alone

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Description: Telephone recorder - stand-alone

This stand-alone telephone recorder is a very simple telephone recording system where you do not need a computer or server to store the telephone conversations. The recorder has a 2 GB SD card with which 47 hours of telephone conversations can be recorded. This telephone recorder also has an automatic recording function and 2 extra microphones with which you can also record your mobile telephone conversations and use the telephone recorder as a memory recorder.

Easy automatic recording function:

The stand-alone telephone recorder automatically starts recording with every incoming or outgoing call. When you replace the handset, the recorder will save the conversation on the SD memory card. You can then listen to the conversation directly via the internal speaker or the supplied earplugs. It is of course also possible to start a recording manually. The telephone recorder can be used on both analog and digital telephones such as VOIP models.

Caller ID:

If the person calling you is calling with number display, this will be shown in the display of the stand-alone telephone recorder and will be saved with the recording. You can assign the numbers to a contact so that next time you see the name in the LCD screen, such as on your mobile phone.

File search function:

Because the stand-alone telephone recorder stores both the telephone number, date and time when recording, it is very easy to search the files again. You can then play the files directly from the telephone recorder or copy them to your computer.

Mobile (GSM) telephone recording function:

The standalone telephone recorder comes with a specific earpiece that makes it possible to record mobile mobile calls. You connect the earpiece to the telephone recorder and place it in your ear. Then simply call with your mobile phone at the ear where you placed the earpiece and this way the entire mobile phone call will be recorded.

Memorecorder function:

The stand-alone telephone recorder has an external microphone as an accessory with which the recorder can be used as a memo recorder. In this way you can also record conversations that you, for example, have at your desk in person.

Features Telephone Recorder:
Recording time per GB
1 GB 23.5 hours
2 GB 47 hours
4 GB 95 hours
Frequency range: 40Hz - 20,000 Hz
Speaker output 500 mW
5 volts, 500 mA

Package Contents:
- Stand-alone telephone recorder
- Stereo earbuds
- DC adapter
- Telephone cable
- Handset cable
- External microphone
- Mobile phone recording microphone
- SD card + reader

Specifications: Telephone recorder - stand-alone

Microphone sensitivity: 1 - 5 Mtr
Battery: No
Battery type: N.v.t.
Battery working time: N / A
Playback possible via: Product itself
Speaker: Internal
LCD: Yes, internal
Length cm: 55
Height cm: 60
Wide cm: 90
Gewicht: 200
SKU: 7362

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Telephone recorder - stand-alone

Telephone recorder - stand-alone


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