Video doorbell Wi-Fi SMART

Video doorbell Wi-Fi SMART

Video doorbell Wi-Fi SMART

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Specifications: Video doorbell Wi-Fi SMART

Camera typeIP (WiFi camera)
Number of cameras1 Camera
Resolution1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
View angle160 - 190 °
Nightvision0 - 5 Mtr
Filming through glassNo
Looking from a distanceYes
Software / APPiOS, Android
Video outWi-Fi (2,4 Ghz)
Recording functionCloud
Max. memoryN.v.t.
Meegeleverd geheugenN.v.t.
Motion detectionYes
Alarm notificationPush notification
AudioYes, two way
Battery typeLi-ion recharchable
Battery working time3 - 6 months
Length cm2,21
Height cm12,65
Wide cm6,17

Pros and cons :

  • Can be connected to current wiring or can be used on battery
  • Both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz Wi-Fi
  • Direct viewing is free, but viewing is done via paid Cloud storage

This Wi-Fi video doorbell can work on battery as well as on power (from the bell) and makes a video with sound when ringing the bell and when moving. From now on, you simply answer the doorbell via the app and you will never miss a visitor again.

Video doorbell with Full HD camera
With this Wi-Fi video doorbell you can always answer your doorbell via your smartphone or tablet, whether you are at home or not. The video doorbell has a Full HD camera (1080p) and thus offers an even higher image quality than its predecessor. The video images are streamed over the internet to the app on your mobile device so that you can communicate with your visitor through the app. For example, you can ask a parcel deliverer to leave your package at the door, or scare off any burglars.

Removable battery
You can easily replace the battery of the Wi-Fi video doorbell for charging without having to unplug the doorbell. However, if you prefer to connect the Wi-Fi video doorbell to power wired, that is of course also possible.

Interchangeable front:
The Wi-Fi video doorbell comes with 2 interchangeable faceplates. Depending on the color of the facade, the video doorbell can easily be hung in the best color. The color of the fronts is silver and brown.

Motion sensor
The Full HD camera of the Wi-Fi video doorbell films at an angle of 160 degrees and has a motion sensor, so that you are notified if activity is detected in front of your door. The integrated motion sensor can be set so that it only sends notifications for certain zones. For example, if you live next to a busy road, you can turn off that part of the sensor, otherwise you would get constant notifications. The motion sensor also has a pre-roll function where the 4 seconds before the movement is detected has already started recording and you can see the entire movement.

Dual band Wi-Fi:
This video doorbell supports both 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz Wi-Fi and automatically ensures that a stable connection with your router remains.

Cloud Video Recording
With the Cloud Video Recording option, the recordings are stored in the cloud for you to view, share or download via the Ring app. The recordings are stored for 6 months. The costs are € 3 per month or € 30 per year (payment via credit card) and you can try the Cloud option for free for the first 30 days. At the end of the trial period you will not be automatically connected to a subscription; the choice for CVR is yours. If you do not use the Cloud service, you can still use the product and functionalities, except viewing the images is not possible.

Simple installation
The installation of the Wi-Fi video doorbell is very easy. You can choose to have the bell work via the supplied battery or to connect it to the existing doorbell wiring. The mounting plate can be attached to almost any surface with the included screws and has an interchangeable cover (white or black). You then install the Ring APP on your tablet or smartphone (via the App Store or Google Play) and configure the Wi-Fi video doorbell completely according to your wishes.

Theft insurance:
Despite the fact that the Wi-Fi video doorbell with special mounting screws comes with a lifetime free replacement in the event of theft. You will receive a new one free of charge when you send a copy of your proof of purchase and copy of the declaration stating the Wi-Fi video derubel to the manufacturer.

Package contents
1 x Wi-Fi video doorbell (Ring 3 Plus)
1 x Micro USB charging cable
1 x mounting material
2 x Interchangeable covers (dark brown and silver)
1 x Rechargeable battery
1 x Instruction Manual

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Video doorbell Wi-Fi SMART

Video doorbell Wi-Fi SMART