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This computer mouse design spycam model DVR262 of the Lawmate brand is a unique high quality espionage camera that can be placed very unobtrusively and in very many places. This spycam is placed on the front of the computer mouse on the left next to the PIR motion sensor. The unit has an SD card where the recorded video images with sound are stored in a high resolution of 720P. The internal battery is rechargeable and can be in standby for 7 days, but can also be connected to a computer with the USB cable, for example, which means the battery is recharged time and again.

7 days standby:
The internal rechargeable battery can be charged with the included USB charger and can leave the spy camera in standby for up to 7 days. With most spycams the battery will be empty within a few hours, but due to the built-in PIR motion sensor this is not the case with this high quality spycam.

260 minutes of continuous filming:
When the PIR motion sensor is activated, the camera will start filming for 2 minutes. If there is still movement after 2 minutes, another recording will be started, which continues until there is no movement. The spycam can film a total of 260 minutes on the built-in rechargeable battery. It is true that the number of minutes is reduced when the spycam has been on standby for some time.

16 GB support:
With the included SD card of 4 GB you can immediately use this computer mouse spycam. If you really need to film for a long time, you can also use up to a 16 GB memory card.

High resolution:
The computer mouse spy camera has a 5MP lens and can film in a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels or 640 x 480 pixels, both at 30 frames per second. The angle of the camera is 66 degrees and the light-sensitive lens also makes it possible to film in rooms with very limited light.

Time & date stamp:
This thermometer spycamera has a date and time stamp on every video recording, making it easy to see when something has been filmed.

Motion detection:
This spycam is set as standard for motion detection and has a built-in PIR motion sensor. In this way the battery is saved and only video & audio is recorded if there is actual movement. The PIR sensor can detect movements up to about 5 meters away.

Photo / Video function:
The spy camera can be set so that either 5 MP photos or videos with sound are taken when there is movement.

Computer mouse not working:
The computer mouse spycam does not work like a normal (wireless) mouse but only has its appearance.

Computer mouse spycam features:
- 1 / 3.6 progressive CMOS sensor
- 720P or VGA resolution at 30 fps
- 5MP photo option
- 3.3 lux @ f2.8
- 66 degree viewing angle
- Overwrite function
- PIR motion detector
- Filming for 2 minutes with movement
- Up to 16 GB SD card support
- Time & Date stamp
- H. 264 video compression
- .AVI video format
- Up to 7 days standby
- 65 x 130 x 35 mm
- 90 grams

Package Contents:
- Computer mouse spycam DVR262
- Battery
- 4 GB SD card
- USB cable
- Time setting instruction

Specifications: Computer mouse spy camera - DVR262

Product Name: Computer mouse spy camera - DVR262
Made in: Taiwan
Camera type: Self recording camera
Resolution:1280 x 720 (HD)
Looking from a distance:No
Nightvision: Dusk (no IR LEDs)
Filming through glass: No
Waterproof: No
Recording function: SD card
Max. memory: 16 GB
Motion detection: Yes
Audio: Yes
Battery: Yes
Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
Battery working time: 5 - 7 days
Length cm: 65
Height cm: 130
Wide cm: 35
Gewicht: 90
SKU: 7707

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Computer mouse spy camera - DVR262

Computer mouse spy camera - DVR262

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