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Description: Pepper spray alternative

This pepper spray alternative is a self-defense spray intended to deter a possible attacker and to mark it with red paint. Because pepper spray and tear gas are banned in many countries, there is a great demand for a good alternative. This legal variant of pepper spray has a capacity of 40 ml and is 8.4 cm in size with a diameter of 3.5 cm. Due to its compact size, the paint spray is easy to carry in a jacket or bag, for example.

How does the Pepper spray alternative work?:
After leaving the paint spray from the can, the red liquid will transform into a foamy layer almost immediately after contact with the face. This is best compared to lathering up shaving cream. Because the perpetrator is partially obscured and may be frightened, you have an increased chance of getting away or calling in help. Furthermore, this pepper spray alternative gives an increased chance of detection, because the perpetrator already has a red marked face for a few days. This will not disappear immediately even after intensive washing.

Is this a weapon?
The pepper spray alternative is not a weapon because it contains no corrosive or other substances. The effect is to mark and cause a startle reaction through the foam, allowing you to distance yourself from the situation.

How often can it be used?
The pepper spray alternative is intended for single use and is not refillable.

Chemical Specification:
Preparation composed of non-toxic color of food-quality in a mixture of solvents and propellent gas, type aerosol spray. None of the components are toxic / corrosive.

Pepper spray alternative can be used legally in the Netherlands:
The pepper spray alternative sold by us is legal to use provided you only use it in situations where you are attacked by a person. You can be punished with arbitrary use.

Package contents:
1 x Can of Pepper spray alternative

Specifications: Pepper spray alternative

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Question:Pepper spray alternative

8.6 / 10
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Pepper spray alternative

Pepper spray alternative

8.6 / 10
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