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Specifications: Noise generator PLUS

Best for:Protect data
Protect with:White noice
Battery type9V
Vibration alarmNo
Battery working time3 - 8 hours
Length cm85
Height cm21
Wide cm53

The noise generator PLUS is a compact size noise generator that is the size of a cigarette pack. The noise generator must be placed between you and the conversation partner(s) and will produce a sound through the speaker, which will cause voice recorders and listening equipment to no longer work properly. The noise generator - Premium is a sound that is a combination of different conversations that can best be compared to 'buzz' in a place where there are many people, such as a station hall. Due to this extra sound, a voice recorder, for example, will record incomprehensible conversations. The noise generator can be used for up to 4 conversation partners per unit. It is important to adjust the conversation volume to below the sound level of the noise generator.

White noise VS Rabbler function:
Almost all noise generators for sale work with a 'white noise' sound, which is most comparable to a radio that is tuned to a non-existent frequency. The noise generator - premium works with a combination of different conversations mixed together and research has shown this to provide better protection than white noise generators. this is also called the Rabbler function.

What does the noise generator PLUS protect against:
- Voice recorders stand-alone - Voice recorder function GSM
- GSM channels
- RF transmitters
- Audio from (portable) cameras
- Other transmitters/eavesdropping equipment

Noise generator properties PLUS:
- 300 to 3600 Hz frequency range
- 9V battery power supply
- Up to 120 mA power consumption
- 85 x 53 x 21 mm
- Adjust sound volume

Please note!: This noise generator makes noise and therefore does not work silently. All conversation partners will therefore notice that the noise generator is being used, also because it must be placed in the middle of the conversation partners and should drown out the sound of the conversation.

Package contents:
1 x Noise Generator PLUS
1 x 9V battery
1 x Manual

Please note: Due to the specific nature of the product, products that have been used will not be returned.

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