Infrared heater - 100 meters

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Description: Infrared heater - 100 meters

This infrared radiator with 18 very strong IR LEDs can provide IR support up to 100 meters for security cameras. The IR lamp comes with mounting bracket and screws, but comes without an adapter.

If you have a security camera without IR LEDs or the IR LEDs are too limited for the prevailing situation, it is an option to install an infrared radiator. The IR lamp can be placed next to the security camera aimed at the angle that needs to be filmed, but also at the place where you want to improve the video recordings in the dark.

IR lamps emit infrared light in the dark, which is almost invisible. The only thing you see is that the IR LEDs of the infrared radiator light up slightly red and give a red glow. IR lamps or security cameras with IR LEDs cannot be placed behind glass, because the infrared light reflects on them at night.

Features IR radiator:
- 18 strong IR Leds
- Max. 100 meters night vision
- IP66 waterproof
- 850 NM
- 200 x 143 x 88 mm

Package contents:
1 x infrared heater - 100M
1 x mounting bracket + screws

Specifications: Infrared heater - 100 meters

Conformity: CE
Filming through glass: No
Battery: No
SKU: 7382

Question:Infrared heater - 100 meters

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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Infrared heater - 100 meters

Infrared heater - 100 meters

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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