Semenspy deluxe

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Description: Semenspy deluxe

Now show cheating and adultery yourself with the help of this advanced infidelity detection kit + UV lamp. In addition to 2 tests for testing liquids on textiles, this bestseller from the USA also has a UV lamp, which you can use to investigate infidelity yourself!

Our infidelity test kit has been extensively tested and can detect dried semen in textiles up to 2 years old. It does not stain and can therefore be used inconspicuously. Find out now if your partner is cheating on you. The infidelity tester has a clear manual and material for 2 tests. A lot of research has been done on this product and it really works on any type of textile.

For example, check underwear now to find out if your partner is committing adultery / cheating on you or if your child is already sexually active. When using this test, you should be aware that fluids from sexual intercourse can sometimes leak onto underwear for days after intercourse, so it is sometimes difficult to determine who the fluid is coming from. Get proof now whether your partner is unfaithful.

Package contents adultery test kit:
- UV detection lamp
- 2 PSA test cartridges *
- Dry medium
- Pipettes
- Scalpel
- Vinyl gloves
- Sterile wipes
- Proof bags

* Several pieces of textile can be examined per adultery test

Only an English manual is supplied with this product. Furthermore, we only provide support by e-mail.

Specifications: Semenspy deluxe

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Question:Semenspy deluxe

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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Semenspy deluxe

Semenspy deluxe

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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