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Description: GPS tracker - Extreme

This GPS tracker has special features that allow an extremely long battery life and the tracker can be used at temperatures from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius. Due to these special features, this GPS tracker is less suitable for most applications than other GPS trackers. This GPS tracker is very suitable for securing objects that are not moved regularly or where it only needs to be checked once a day whether it is still at the same location.

How does the GPS tracker work with extremely long battery life:
This GPS tracker has a long battery life of up to 3 years because the GSM module is switched off almost all the time. Only at the pre-set times on a day the tracker will switch on and send a GPS position. Then the GPS tracker will go into sleep mode again, which means that both the GSM and GPS module are off. The tracker is therefore not accessible to adjust the settings or the configuration. The position can be viewed via the iPhone or Android APP and a push notification is received when the tracker is removed.

Suitable for extreme temperatures:
Because the GPS tracker does not use a rechargeable battery but a special non-rechargeable battery. This makes it possible to use the tracker in extreme weather conditions. This GPS tracker has a working temperature of -20 to + 60 degrees Celsius.

Very difficult to detect by tracking equipment:
In the event of theft of objects, a GSM detector, possibly in combination with a GSM jammer, often locates and / or deactivates the GPS tracker. Because this GPS tracker is in sleep mode 99% of the time, it can only be detected by a GSM detector when the GPS tracker sends a location at that moment. This cannot be verified because the GPS tracker has already gone into sleep mode again. GSM jammers are also often only used temporarily for transport and afterwards the position can be received from this GPS tracker again.

Placing GPS tracker long battery life :
The GPS tracker can be placed both in and under a car with the magnetic attachment. A good location for placing a GPS tracker is in a location where it is minimally blocked by metal towards the satellites.

Cost of using GPS tracker long battery life:
You only pay the costs of the data sent by the tracker. It is therefore important that you have sufficient calling credit on the SIM card of the GPS tracker. Because the tracker only sends the position once a day, the data usage is less than 1 mb per month.

View position GPS tracker extreme:
The GPS tracker will upload the GPS position to a website / APP once a day. This can be accessed via a computer, but there is also a free APP available for iOS and Android. Using the APP, it is easy to view the position and view messages via your smartphone.

Tamper switch:
A tamper switch is built into the waterproof housing with magnetic attachment. This switch clicks in when you attach the GPS tracker to metal and gives an alarm notification to the website with GPS position when it is removed.

Cost of license server GPS tracker:
Website / APP license costs: The premium GPS tracker comes with a 1-year license. With this you can use both the website and APP. After the year you can possibly extend this for an amount of € 50.00 per year.

Optional: (Data) SIM card and setup service:
The GPS tracker can be used with any (2G) SIM card. So you can insert your own SIM card or purchase a SIM card with the product. It is important that the SIM card can connect to the Internet and we recommend using a SIM card from a well-known provider. You have the options below
1. Use your own SIM card and set it up yourself according to the manual
2. Order a Vodafone SIM card and set it up yourself according to the manual
3. Order a Vodafone (NL) / Orange (BE) SIM card and have it set up by us.
4. Order data SIM card unlimited Europe / World for the desired number of months and let us set it up.

You can indicate your choice with the product accessories.

Features GPS tracker long battery life:
- Non-rechargeable 5400 Mah battery
- Can be used up to 3 years with 1 position per day
- Notification when metal is removed
- Low battery notification
- Waterproof box (IPX5) with magnetic attachment
- QUAD band GSM module 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
- Tracker can therefore be used in all countries with 2G
- MTK A-GPS with 66 channel receiver
- 5 meter accuracy with good GPS reception
- Can be used from -20 to + 60 degrees
- 93 x 58 x 22 mm
- 160 grams

Package contents:
1 x GPS tracker long battery life
1 x Batteries (not rechargeable)
1 x Dutch manual

Specifications: GPS tracker - Extreme

Solutions for:: Track boat
GPS tracker operation: Real-time SMS
Magnet mounting: Yes
Battery working time: 1 - 2 weeks
Batterijduur standby: 6 - 12 maanden
SOS panic button: No
Voice monitor functie: Nee
Length cm: 85
Wide cm: 60
Height cm: 25
Gewicht: 135 grams
Conformity: CE
SKU: 7559

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GPS tracker - Extreme

GPS tracker - Extreme


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