Encrypted USB Stick - 32 GB

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Description: Encrypted USB Stick - 32 GB

The Encrypted USB Stick - 32GB is a regular USB stick that can also be used as a normal stick. The secure USB stick has extra options in addition to the normal options of the USB stick, such as a password protection and a file "Encryption". Because of these extra options, the secured USB stick cannot be used by anyone who does not have the password of this stick.

How the Encrypted USB Stick - 32GB works:
The moment the Encrypted USB Stick - 32GB is connected to the computer for the first time, the USB stick will open a setup. In this setup you can protect your USB stick with a password. From this moment on, the USB stick will ask for a password for every operation for security purposes. Also when the secure USB stick is connected to a computer, a password must first be entered before the files can be viewed.

Password protection Encrypted USB Stick - 32GB:
If you have set the password on the Encrypted USB Stick - 32GB, it will ask for the set password during every operation and even when connecting the stick to the computer. If this password is entered incorrectly more than 6 times, the files will be deleted from the stick.

Encryption security Encrypted USB Stick - 32GB:
In addition to password protection, this Encrypted USB Stick - 32GB also has encryption protection, which means that the files are encrypted when they are placed on the stick, so that they cannot be read or cracked in any way.

Plug & Play installation Encrypted USB Stick - 32GB:
The Encrypted USB Stick - 32GB is a very user-friendly product. Password protection + Encryption is also easy to install in the Dutch-language menu.

Features Encrypted USB Stick - 32GB:

- Password and Encryption security

- No additional software required for installation

- 32GB memory

- Dutch menu

- Suitable for Windows and MAC

- Plug & Play installation

Military AES 246-Bit Encryption

- Strong housing USB Stick

Includes Packaging:

- Blister + Encrypted USB Stick - 32GB

Specifications: Encrypted USB Stick - 32 GB

Best for:: Protect data
Protect with:: Encryption
Battery: No
Vibration alarm: No
SKU: 7671

Question:Encrypted USB Stick - 32 GB

8.7 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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Encrypted USB Stick - 32 GB

Encrypted USB Stick - 32 GB

8.7 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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