Buy an alarm system? 8 tips for you!

You are looking for an alarm system. From a feeling of insecurity or due to obligations under the insurance.

How do you find an alarm system that suits your situation? We understand that it is difficult. There is so much choice. Various detectors, with or without cameras, connected to a control room, a siren or silent detector, motion sensors, with or without Wi-Fi. Our apologies if this causes panic. We're here to help!

In this article you will find everything about alarm systems. This way you choose a system that fits your object perfectly. This can be a home, business premises, caravan or other space. We are happy to show you what is needed. From the beginning to the end. Still can't figure it out? Then a Sitcon employee is ready for you.

1. How secure do you want it?

Let's start at the beginning: how well do you want to be protected? The European Union has defined system requirements. That way you know exactly what is needed. These requirements can be divided into four degrees of security. These degrees take into account the type of intruder a system is protecting against. Below is a clear overview:

Grade 1

An intruder has little knowledge of alarm systems and uses basic decommissioning tools that are easily available.

Grade 2

An intruder has basic knowledge of alarm systems and uses a wide variety of tools, such as a multimeter, to dismantle.

Grade 3

An intruder has good knowledge of alarm systems and has access to specialist tools intended for decommissioning systems.

Grade 4

An intruder has complete knowledge of the alarm system, specialist tools, is able to plan a robbery and deactivate the system or contact a central station.

We recommend Grade 2 for home-garden-and-kitchen use and small businesses or retail properties. This is the Grade that you will see most often on our website. For example, the alarm systems of AJAX are Grade 2.

2. Connected to an emergency center or not?

Alarm systems can be linked to a control room. Is there something going on? Then you will immediately receive a call or the control room will send someone to take a look. A safe feeling. This receives all notifications from the system. Also malfunctions. The employees of a control room check what is going on. If necessary, they will contact you by telephone. To be connected to a control room, you pay between € 100 and € 300 per year. Depending on the company you choose exactly.

Would you rather receive a message directly from the system? Then you don't need this. In that case, you can investigate yourself or call the emergency number. This saves periodic costs.

3. Alarm system as an obligation insurance company

Most of the burglaries are unplanned. And the average break-in takes 30 seconds. Nevertheless, it can be useful to join an emergency room. Anyway to get a signal if there has been a burglary. So that there is at least someone who visits.

A certified alarm system is sometimes a requirement from the insurance company. Due to a high inventory value, special possessions or other reasons. In addition, there is often the condition that you are connected to a recognized emergency center.

Insurance companies often give a discount on the contents insurance when you have an alarm system. The amount of the discount differs per insurance company. This can be found in the policy conditions of your home contents insurance. Usually this is a 5% to 20% discount. A call to customer service does not hurt. Sometimes it is not entirely clear what requirements there are to earn this discount.

4. Wired or wireless alarm system?

In principle there is one big difference between a wired and wireless alarm system: the installation. You take a system with wiring behind the stucco. Without renovation plans, it is often more practical to go for a wireless system. Then there are no cables in the way.

At the same time, a wired alarm system also has all kinds of advantages. This often means that longer distances can be bridged. And a wired system can be expanded with wireless components. Also called hybrid systems. Consider making an installation (partially) wireless with large objects, such as commercial buildings and office buildings.

Because has a wired alarm system been installed and neatly concealed? Then it is ideal. Insensitive to failures, inexpensive in terms of maintenance and techniques used. However, the wireless systems of this time are almost no longer inferior to wired. Reliability comes very close.

We are happy to tell you more about it ...

Most wireless alarm systems have a "heart". A basic unit. This connects wirelessly to all sensors and other extensions. Such as sirens or motion sensors. A basic unit is connected to the electricity grid and makes a wireless connection to the other components of the system. There are also self-contained battery-powered wireless alarm systems. These are the slightly cheaper systems ...

Wireless systems work with Wi-Fi, AC power or GPRS connection. Sometimes there is a combination of these techniques. For GPRS connection you place a SIM card in the alarm system. For example, you can set that you receive a text message when the alarm activates. And when there is interference. Ideal right? All these types of systems ensure that the connection is not broken. As if there is a solid cable running through the air that you continuously monitor. With less chance of an interruption when it matters.

At Sitcon we have a wide range of wireless alarm systems . Take for example the fully wireless GSM Alarm System PRO or the AJAX GSM Alarm System with all kinds of expansion options.

5. Linked to your smartphone?

Connect your mobile phone to the SIM card in your alarm system. Many alarm systems have an app that allows you to do this in an instant. This makes the alarm system easy to operate. Switch the alarm on or off, change settings, receive push notifications: everything is possible. Do you opt for an alarm system with a camera? Then you can view these images live via the app.

Take for example this AJAX starter kit . All settings of the alarm system can be coordinated via an iOS or Android app.

6. Anything else? Security camera for example?

What is an alarm system without a camera? Right. Just an alarm system. A security camera to expand on your alarm system is certainly worth considering. With this camera, you can record images and watch them live via a smartphone or computer. That way you know what's going on at any time.

Think about how you place your security camera. So that you do not peek at the neighbors, for example. You may record to protect personal property without violating the privacy of people, animals and property.

Want to know more about security cameras? Read this comprehensive article about security cameras.

7. Expand alarm system?

Earlier we told you about the basic unit of an alarm system. They call this a Hub with AJAX alarm systems. This is an important part of the security system. The base unit monitors the operation of all detectors. And sends out an alarm when necessary.

Extensions are also available without base unit. Handy if you already have an alarm system and are looking for ways to expand it.

Motion sensors, driveway alarms, pressure mats, door and window detectors, panic buttons. You can connect these types of extensions to a base unit or packed in a standalone system. Where a system with separate components is suitable for later expansion. And a standalone system is literally self-contained.

Motion sensor

This speaks for itself: reports on movement. The motion detector detects movements with a sensor. This transmits a signal to another electrical device - in this case the alarm system - and sounds an alarm. Advanced motion detectors exclude pets up to 50 centimeters and 20 kilograms. As long as no gnome breaks in, you're in the right place!

Look at our complete range motion detectors .

Driveway indicator

The driveway indicator also works with a motion sensor. The number of detection meters and angles differs per tell-tale. For example, this driveway indicator has a detection angle of 6 degrees horizontal as an extension of the AJAX Hub and 90 degrees vertically.

Door and window detector

Alarm as soon as a door or window opens? Door and window detectors make magnetic contact. When a door or window opens, it breaks contact. The detector sends a signal to the base unit or linked siren. Are you going for a basic unit with separate components? Have a look at the following component: AJAX Doorprotect . Are you going for something simpler? Then this alarm might be something for you!

Pressure mat

Then there is also the pressure mat . You place this under the doormat and gives a signal when someone is on the mat. This signal can simply be the doorbell or a siren. The choice is yours! A pressure mat is not wireless and you can connect it to the receiver with a 10 meter long cable. The pressure mat is suitable for locations where it stays dry. Do you have a decent shelter at the front door? Then this option is ideal.

Panic button

A panic button scares off attackers or uninvited guests. Can also be used to call for help in the event of an accident or medical problem. For example for the elderly or other people in need of help. The AJAX SOS Button you wear around the neck. And connect you to the base unit. You can set the panic button as desired.

There are other systems too. This personal alarm goes off as soon as you pull the cord. You do not connect this to a basic unit and it provides a siren to attract attention.

8. Last but not least: siren or silent alarm?

Silent alarms prevent the neighborhood from waking you up in the event of a false alarm. The alarm system sends a notification to a control room or you will receive an immediate notification by telephone. Do you also have a camera system? Then see immediately if something is wrong by watching live via your smartphone.

Want to deter a burglar? Continuing to work calmly and efficiently is not an option with that shrill siren. The entire neighborhood also immediately knows what is going on. Which might stop a burglar or get caught by a heroic local resident. Are the police on their way? Are there other security measures in the home? These kinds of uncertainties increase when a burglar is confronted with a siren.

The complete package from AJAX features the HomeSiren. This is an extension of the Hub of the same brand. We also have a budget version: the standalone motion alarm with siren.

You are a junior alarm system expert! Congratulations!

The most important information about alarm systems is known to you. From now on you are a junior alarm system expert. Congratulations! You know what degrees there are, what the difference is between a wired or wireless system and what is possible in terms of extensions.

Made your choice? We arrange free shipping. Even if you have delivery at a Parcelshop. All our products come with a two-year warranty. Need help with installation? We also help with that.

Another question or suggestion to improve this page? Send a message to or call +31 306 303 631. We love to spar with you and show you the possibilities there are.


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