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Specifications: Built-in GPS Tracker - PLUS

Solutions for:Trace car, Track motorcycle / moped, Track boat
GPS tracker operationReal-time Internet (APP)
Magnet mountingNo
Battery working time1 - 2 days
Batterijduur standby1 - 2 dagen
SOS panic buttonNo
Voice monitor functieJa
Length cm106
Wide cm55
Height cm16
Gewicht96 grams

Pros and cons :

  • Smartphone APP for Android & iOS for live tracking and history viewing.
  • Built-in microphone with 5 meters sensitivity.
  • Built-in battery guarantees operation in the event of a power failure.
  • Easy to install. Only needs to be connected somewhere to the voltage (9-36 volts).
  • Connecting the extra cabling is difficult to do yourself, but fortunately not necessary for operation.

The Built-in GPS Tracker PLUS can very easily be connected to a voltage source of 9 to 36 volts, such as a car battery. The GPS tracker directly sends the GPS positions to an internet page, where they are displayed on a map. On this website or via the smartphone APP you can view the current location of the GPS tracker and see the history of the last 30 days.

How does the Built-in GPS Tracker PLUS work:
A SIM card must be placed in the GPS Tracker for forwarding the positions to the server. Installation steps are provided in the supplied manual. Via the APP you can see the current position on a map, but it is also possible to view the GPS locations of the last 30 days. This built-in GPS tracker is ideal for securing your car, scooter, moped, motorcycle or other object.

Connection options Built-in GPS Tracker PLUS:
A big difference with the normal built-in tracker is that this version has an internal battery, external microphone, emergency button and fuel supply regulator. With this option, this version can be used for more purposes than just being able to track a car.

Places Internet GPS tracker - PLUS:
The built-in GPS tracker has a power connector with which it can be connected to a voltage source between 9 and 36 volts, such as a battery. The connector has a red and black wire and is very easy to connect. The best position for placing the GPS tracker is in the dashboard of a car, because here the GPS antenna is least blocked by metal. When there is a lot of metal in front of the GPS antenna, the range will be less and the GPS locations a lot less accurate.

View live GPS positions on APP / website:
After you have placed the built-in GPS racker, it sends the positions in the event of movement so that you can follow the movements live on the smartphone APP or personal internet page. So when your car is driving from Amsterdam to Antwerp, you can see in real-time how fast and via which route it is being driven. This is shown graphically on a map with the internet GPS Tracking system displayed as a marker. The tracker grants 1 year access to the tracking website. After this year, Euro 50.00 per year will be charged for access to the website.

View history GPS positions:
Besides the real-time tracking of the GPS tracker, it is also possible to see exactly where the internet GPS tracker mini has been in a certain period. You can see all positions of the internet GPS tracker on the map every 24 hours and even have this played as an animation. This means that an arrow moves over the map where the GPS tracker was at that time. Of course you can also view it per position and see where and how long the tracker has been standing still.

Listen-in function internet GPS tracker:
This GPS tracker also has a GSM transmitter function, which makes it possible to listen in on what is happening in the vicinity of the tracker by simply calling it. The GPS tracker does not make a sound signal, but will automatically switch on the microphone so that you can hear what is being said in the vicinity of the GPS tracker. * Not available with a Data SIM card

Supplied incl. data sim with 1 month unlimited use:
If you order it online, the GPS tracker will be fully set up and equipped with a Data sim with 1 month of unlimited data. You can then extend the data credit every 3.6 or 12 months. With this GPS tracker it is also possible to place your own SIM card as described in the manual or to visit one of our stores. If you do not want a SIM card included, you can indicate this by telephone or when ordering.

Cost of license server GPS tracker:
The GPS tracker comes with a 1 year server license. You can use both the website and APP with this. After the year, you can extend this for an amount of € 50.00 per year.

Features Built-in GPS Tracker PLUS:
- GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Mhz
- 66 GPS channels
- Built-in GPS & GSM antenna
- Built-in microphone
- -25 to 60 degrees Celsius
- Accurate up to 15 meters
- Internal backup battery
- Connectable to 9 to 36 volt batteries
- 1 year access to tracking website
- No magnet attachment
- Not waterproof
- 90 x 52 x 15 mm
- 53 grams

Package contents:
- Built-in GPS tracker PLUS
- Connector
- Instruction manual

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Built-in GPS Tracker - PLUS

Built-in GPS Tracker - PLUS